Post University Held Successful Seminar in Equine Emergency Response

Waterbury, CT - Post University’s Equine Business Management students hosted a one day Equine Emergency Response Seminar on May 1st.  State and local police, firefighters and animal control officers from 15 surrounding town were invited to attend for a nominal fee of $20 which included lunch in the university’s dining hall.

Students Pam Lyons, Jennifer Krakovich, Ashley Barrett, Julia Lazinger and Kelsey Menard from the Equine Event Planning and Management class designed and organized this seminar as their final project for the class, guided by Instructor Jamison Wallace.

Attendees from Greenwich, Easton, Bethany, Monroe, Wallingford, Prospect, Warren and Wolcott were given a packet containing a “raffle ticket”, handouts and directions to the afternoon workshops. Everyone was welcomed by department head, Carole Baker, and student Pam Lyons. Jennifer Krakovich gave a PowerPoint presentation which introduced Equine Behavior. Pam Lyons “warmed” up the audience asking everyone why they came, and Kelsey Menard showed a video on Equine Emergency Rescue, which was followed by a presentation on Animal Abuse and Malnutrition presented by Julia Lazinger. The participants were introduced to the Henneke scale, which describes the various levels of nutrition and malnutrition. Ashley Barrett and Pam Lyons then demonstrated how to make a rope halter for emergency capture.

The class had put together six Emergency Rescue Kits containing a halter, lead rope, a towel, pads, flexible bandage wraps and peppermints which were given to the lucky ticket holders. The halters and lead ropes were donations solicited by the students from several local tack stores.

After lunch the group reassembled at Northern Lights Farm in Bethany, where owner Nancy Cole welcomed the group. The idea for this seminar originated with her and had been triggered by an incident involving a loose horse causing a fatal automobile accident in Bethany – so she kindly offered the use of her barn for this event.    

Northern Lights provided the group with horse and halters so all participants were taught by the Post University students how to halter and lead a horse out of a stall and into an open area. Safety around horses was emphasized, and equine senses and behavior from the morning’s first presentation were demonstrated. Then the groups were sent off to learn how to load a horse and unload a horse into/from a trailer – a useful exercise in case of accidents. In the indoor arena one horse was let free and the participants were taught how to catch a loose animal – peppermints were quite effective!  A change of horse was necessary for one more difficult to catch since all the horses at Northern Lights are so well trained they presented no challenge! In the barn, all participants learned how to make a simple pressure bandage for traumatic leg injuries using a pad and flexible bandage. The use of a towel both as a pressure pad and a wrap was also demonstrated.

The consensus from the group was that the whole seminar was extremely valuable should they have to deal with any incidents involving horses.  “The students did a great job in giving us so much helpful information, both in the understanding of horses and the practical skills they taught us – great job”, said Animal Control Office Joann Marsh from Warren.