Picnic Atmosphere Prevails at Welcome Back to White Fences II Where Host Ingred Lin Takes Intermediaire Win

Loxahatchee, Florida – At Welcome Back to White Fences II, held March 15-16, show host Ingred Lin got much more than praise. Along with all the wonderful comments about the show, Lin got a blue ribbon for her Intermediaire I win. “I was really happy because the horse came through for me,” Lin said.

She took her win with a score of 65.25 percent on Quemacho HI, an 11-year-old Lusitano stallion sired by Embaxaidor. It wasn’t an easy ride for Lin, who’s recovering from cancer treatment. Being both show host and competitor takes a lot out of a person and Lin said by the time she entered at A, she was already drained. “I admit, I felt pretty weak. That last extension I said, ‘I must stop, but I can’t stop.’ And then I thought I might as well just finish the test and I did.”

Lin said Quemacho tends to get tense in the show ring so her goal was merely to give him more experience in the show ring. Her victory was an added joy. “It was wonderful. He was really good for me.”

When not riding her way to victory, Lin was busy playing host at what has long been one of the most popular series of shows among many competitors. White Fences dressage shows are widely known for their low-key atmosphere and fantastic food – free of course. Lin said her goal has always been to create a show environment that is pressure-free and picnic like. “It’s low key, very much like sitting around at a picnic and watching nice horses,” she said.

“I’ve heard so many nice comments all weekend,” Lin said. “One of the judges even commented about how nice and quiet it is because the announcer isn’t talking all the time. And riders told me the footing is absolutely superb. Everybody from the vendors to the competitors to the volunteers was just so happy and in such a good mood that it’s just so nice to be around all of this.”

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