Photography Exhibit at The Kentucky Horse Park International Museum of the Horse

From June 9th through Oct. 31st 2006 the International Museum of the Horse in Lexington, Kentucky, USA hosts the photo exhibition 'Equine Elegance'.

Four well known equine photographers combine talents and exhibit their best work. A selection of 65 photos reflect the four different perspectives of the exhibitors. Four photographers, four styles. The common denominator is the horse and its strength, its elegance, its beauty. The approach however, differs greatly.

Arnd Bronkhorst is a Dutch equine photographer known for his unconventional and stunning images. He created the large Online Image Database at, brought these photographers together and now initiated this exhibition. His style is clear cut and simple, with no fuss, often with an unusual point of view. Frédéric Chéhu, on the contrary, has a more romantic style. In France equines are part of the art culture. His photographic world consist of theatrical events, shows and movements in freedom. German colleague Jacques Toffi has a total freedom approach. For him there are no rules and consequently no limits, technically or creatively. His photos are always exceptional and unique. Charles Mann from the USA is a photographer who focusses on the main equestrian events. With his direct approach and unexpected angles he creates unusual and spectacular [sports] images.

Visit the Kentucky Horse Park to view how four photographers, coming from four different parts of the world, each show you their own story of equine elegance.

The 'International Museum of the Horse' is situated in the Kentucky Horse Park, which will be host to the 2010 FEI Games with 8 simultaneous World Championships in the major equestrian sports.

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