PhelpsPhotos On the Scene at Hampton Green - Part 4

By Mary Phelps-Hathaway

Hannah Pierucci – A Rising Star at Hampton Green

Watching Pati Pierucci's 13-year-old daughter Hannah ride brought one word to my mind. A word I have never thought of before when watching a young rider; prodigy.

She rode three P.R.E. Spanish horses throughout the photo shoot, all with grace and ease gave me goose bumps, especially as a long time friend of her mom, Pati, I remember when she was born.

This winter 13-year-old Hannah Pierucci hit the show season in Florida instantly racking up wins and high scores, with judges’ commenting more than once on her test stating “We will be seeing you in the Olympic someday!” Even JJ who rarely comments on his days' work was floored by Hannah Pierucci the first time he photographed her at Ingred Lin's Welcome Back to White Fences Show last March.

“Mary, when I tell you this, believe me it is true.” said her mom Pati, “This is all self taught, she has picked all of this up just watching us – listening and watching.”

“Hannah offered to ride Kim’s horse one day, and then just started to do all kinds of movements. I can hardly say I train her, she just knows how to do it. ”

Riding the hot little stallion Cosaco XI for our cameras, Hannah handled the warm up and piaffe-passage transitions with gentle ease. When she began to do the changes for the video camera, Cosaco did every stride. At first it was not intended, but then Pati said, “OK Hannah, go for it, try the every's!” Grinning from ear to ear, Hannah went across the diagonal twice doing the flying changes at every stride, her first time.

“This is Hannah’s Ken and Barbie doll combined.” said her mom. “She has never wanted to do anything else.”