PhelpsPhotos On the Scene at Hampton Green

Breeder of the P.R.E. Spanish Horse, Kim Van Kampen-Boyer owns and operates the gorgeous 185 acre facility, just east of Lake Michigan, where for ten years she has been developing and perfecting the finest line of quality P.R.E. Spanish horses, bred for Dressage in the United States.

In the “It doesn’t get much better than this” department, I topped off a long hot relentless summer of work, work, work, with a totally delightful trip and successful photo shoot at Hampton Green Farm, in Fruitport, Michigan, September 4-7.

It was an easy drive from Kentucky, even though it was 520 miles. We got on Route 31 just north of Indianapolis, enjoyed a scenic trip, arriving way ahead of our anticipated time. Even our corgis, Trooper and Tasha were welcome and we stayed night on the property in their guest house, sleeping in a big fluffy bed in a hand built log cabin, decorated in antiques and lacy curtains.

Her husband Fred Boyer, a world class French chef entertained us in the evening in their home where his state of the art kitchen would make Emeril swoon in envy.

JJ a master chef of the weber grill, admittedly was in awe of Fred's kitchen as well, especially impressed with the commercial dishwasher in the pantry.