After 9 months in development, which included extensive testing, our custom designed PhelpsPhotos® shopping cart is here. Registered users can access their account, view and purchase images on-line, and invite guests to visit, view and purchase.

Anyone who is part of the HorsesDaily and PhelpsPhotos® On The Scene Coverage can have access to viewing their images at Our crew is in full swing with thousands of images ready for viewing. In order to do so, customers need to be a registered user, and pay a nominal one-time access fee of $25 per show, per horse, where their images will remain ready to access for one year.

As a special introductory offer for our 2004 Dressage in Florida customers anyone who wishes to view their images, will get one free upload for the season FREE for 30 days.

Whether it was at a recent competition, or even one from previous years, if we took a photo of a horse and rider combination, we can provide this service. We have had rave reviews by our “testers” as to the ease, security and benefits of this program designed especially to service our customers.

But, you must be signed up as a registered user to begin. We will be at the Gold Coast Opener in Wellington this weekend with applications, and you can contact us via e-mail at Please mention the show, rider, and horse, so we can check our files to see if we have a selection for you.

You can also visit the Free Search section of our website and search our growing database of the images we have on-line at and We suggest you keep you search criteria as simple as possible for better results.

Our server is secure, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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