Phelps Photo Tip #1

Mary Phelps, equine photographer and long time member of The International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, will be a featured speaker at the United States Dressage Federation Annual Meeting on Wednesday, December 2, 1998, 3:30 - 4:45. Look for the USDF University Mini Session titled "Photographing the Dressage Horse and Marketing with Photos".

In preparation for this, we are passing on to our readers portions of what will be presented in this session, by adding a new feature "Phelps Photo Tip of the Week". We hope you learn and enjoy!

When photographing a group of people, take as many photos as there are members of the group. This way you have a copy to give to each person without having to go through the time and expense or re-ordering reprints.

Pictured here: Part of the Gold Coast Dressage staff that make Dressage in Florida shows run well. Thanks from all of us for your great work!

L-R, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Marie Matte, Shannon Rogers, with her father Jim behind her, Robin Thomson, Nancy Holsing, Karen Edwards and Julie Noble.