Perspectives of the World Games with Brian O'Connor

Well we had a well deserved rest from Grand Prix dressage but the Three Day dressage started with much aplomb....Mr. David O'Connor (yes a relative I am told) did the test ride on Jaquie Mars' Rocket to much Canadian and US see, this former US gold medalist is now coaching the Canadian 3 day team....anyway, he had a fairly consistent and solid test....68% or so, which would have put him in the middle of the pack in the eventing discipline after day 1. We kidded him about his "beefed up look " since his last appearance at the Horsepark ( he won the Rolex 3 day last time here you see) Fun start to the day.
Betsy Steiner and Jean Mitchell (Ireland) did the expert commentary on the headsets for the main ring and did an outstanding job for our offering...they had a great partnership going with their thoughts, comments, and evalutations of the rides...they are really fun to listen to.

Over in the Reining finale, our #1 US rider Shawn had a very unfortunate bobble in the last run of the competition....he was the favorite to win the gold, but when his horse came to the lead change, Shawn's stirrup leather (or part of it) broke and it threw Shawn forward and he had to put his non-rein hand on the saddle horn, which usually is cause for elimination (0 score)...the judges had to go to the video replay to see what they had to do with the scores... they penalized him instead of eliminating him and so he lost the gold individual medal. Another piece of bad luck for a World Championship rider...the final standings were still a US win for Tim McCutcheon.. and the US finished 1, 2 and4. More detailed coverage on this is covered by Mary and her staff of wonderful reporters...I only got to see the last four go.

We are back with the Freestyle tomorrow and I am so looking forward to this wonderful night...I promise to get the crowd fired up and ready for blast off to the Dressage lands in the clouds...there is a very strong chance of 90+ dressage in our forecast!!!!! See you on Friday night!

Eventing results are available here on Mary's website......I did not get a chance to see any of the first day due to WEG committments and meetings about cross country (I am the controller for the cross country day......the course is fabulous, tough, but fair and it looks like artwork out there...)

Good night and pleasant Ravel dreams............Brian


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