The Perfect Weekend in Kentucky

With the fall colors at their peak and temperatures in the 70's, it just doesn't get any better than this. So we will start our week off sharing a peek at what we do when we are not working at shows. Our home is south central Kentucky has hundreds of miles of trails at our doorstep. Whether on a 4 wheeler, on horseback, or driving our pony Buddy, we spent every waking moment in the great outdoors this weekend.

My sister Nancy Phelps who lives nearby joined me for an afternoon drive through the countryside. Buddy just got his first clip job, so he won't look like a freshly shorn sheep when we get to Florida in January. He is very happy in his new skin, and is fit and in good form after a full summer of training.

Our place is currently under construction, with a new building almost completed. We will be expanding our offices in Kentucky as our websites continue to grow and thrive.

In the current economy, instead of things slowing down they are busier than ever! Our vision which began in 1996 was to provide cost effective marketing solutions for the equestrian world through a news and media website which updates daily with articles of interest to our readers. It's working!

Our staff continues to expand with the perfect working conditions: everyone is able to work from their home. No commute or wardrobe required here, just a good internet connection and a passion for what we are doing. Christy Warrington who manages our Kentucky office is enjoying working with the new program we are about to launch for DressageDaily. Just like our new building, we have been constructing the "new" DressageDaily for almost a year, and are excited about sharing it with our readers, very soon. Be sure you are on our mailing list, as those who subscribe to our newsletter with get the first peek.

On Sunday I took Buddy for his first long drive. This is probably one of the few places left in the world where you can go all day through the woods, and along trails. There are creeks to cross and just a few back roads to travel.

We have not built a barn yet, so we drove from his current home at Cameron Hill Farm "over the ridge" for a sleep over. My husband JJ came along on the 4 wheeler to be sure we traveled safely and to get some photos.

We set up a small paddock with a solar electric fence, and opened his trailer and set it up as a stall. What makes ponies so much fun and easy is they do not require a lot of space. Even when he steps on my foot it doesn't hurt, and I am amazed at his strength and endurance.

Tomorrow is election day, do NOT forget to vote, no matter how busy you are with your horses. Hope you enjoyed starting your week off with us as we shared a little piece of our heaven on earth.

A slide show of our building in progress, trails and an autumn drive with Buddy. There are over 150 photos so sit back and relax. Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure!......