Pay-N-Go is a striking, 16.2 hand leopard Appaloosa Sport Horse with a fairy tale story. When owner Pam Fowler Grace first met him, Pay-N-Go was an unmanageable horse with a notorious reputation for being vicious. The colt had been treated roughly and did not trust people. But Grace sensed that with some gentleness and understanding, the horse would come around. In her own words, "the very first time I rode him, we danced. It was instant magic." The rest is history! Today, Pay-N-Go is the only Appaloosa competing at Grand Prix level dressage, and he has earned 23 U.S. Dressage Federation wins. He was recently nominated to the Appaloosa Hall of Fame.

One of the finest honors bestowed upon Pay-N-Go was an invitation to take part in a tribute to Linda McCartney, wife of legendary musician Paul McCartney and devoted Appaloosa fan. After her death in 1997, Pay-N-Go and Grace were invited to participate in the service at Riverside Church in New York City. Pay-N-Go seemed to know the importance of that moment, and he performed with elegance and charisma. This brightly colored gelding continues to make an impression on all who meet him. He and Grace currently reside in Cat Spring, Texas.

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