Paxton Farm Dressage Show Dedicated to The Yellow Ribbon Support Center

Parents of Missing Soldier Sgt Matt Maupin Bring Out the Sun

The skies broke open and revealed patches of blue for the first time in four days on Sunday afternoon, Mother’s Day, at the Paxton Farm CDI and Spring Dressage Show. “That’s because we are here now.” said Keith Maupin, the father of Sgt Matt Maupin, an American soldier from Ohio, who was captured in Iraq April 4, 2004, and has been missing in action ever since. “Since we began the Yellow Ribbon Support Center, it has yet to rain on any of the functions we have done.” It was the third Mother’s Day Carolyn Maupin spent not knowing the fate of her son, whose haunting images of his capture were broadcast worldwide.

And Janet Paxton understands better than others what it must feel like. “I won’t be hearing from my son this Mother’s Day.” said Janet who’s oldest son is a military jet pilot. “He is somewhere on an ocean and that is all I am allowed to know.” The Maupin’s were supported by John and Janet Paxton, and Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, who came to Paxton Farm, learned a little about Dressage, and spoke during a ceremony during a break in the Intermediaire Freestyle class.

PhelpsPhoto® l-r - Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, Carolyn and Keith Maupin, John and Jant Paxton, and Fred and Doris Hessdoerfer

Putting It All in Perspective

With yellow ribbons throughout the show grounds, and the Paxton Yellow Ribbon Bistro, the Paxton Farm CDI and Spring Classic I and II, was dedicated to all of our service men and women. Over $1000 was raised for The Yellow Ribbon Support Center founded by Keith and Carolyn Maupin. “Despite their continued heartache, Keith and Carolyn are dedicated to raising the morale of our troops through their work at the Center.” said Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. “In fact, they recently reported that they have sent more than 4,500 packages to our men and women serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

“It puts our lives in perspective,” said Michael Barisone, who while winning the Grand Prix Special, was disappointed in the scoring. And while it was another Mother’s Day without their son at home, his presence was felt as the sun broke through the relentless clouds, drying the show grounds, and warming the hearts of a family who felt the support everyone at Paxton Farm.

If you haven’t done anything in support of our troops, whether you believe in the war or not, consider contributing to The Yellow Ribbon Support Center, established by the Maupin’s. Your contributions will go directly into packages of needed and appreciated items being shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's show them the Dressage world can contribute outside the arena, and thank those men and women who make it possible for us to live our privileged lives.

Yellow Ribbon Support Center
700 South Eastgate Blvd
Suite 430
Cincinnati, OH 45245
(513) 752-4310

HorsesDaily "On the Scene" at the Paxton Farm CDI