Patti’s Childhood

Patricia Becker

Growing up Patti was a very active and athletic child. “I always rode, but when I was younger I was also busy playing a lot of basketball and soccer. I attained numerous most valuable player trophies from these sports in high school and feel fortunate for the opportunity to be able to compete in more the just dressage and to compete on a team. It taught me a lot in working with others and to achieve a common goal.”

While Patti never specialized in dressage during her high school years, she gravitated to the sport during college and later decided to make it her profession. After high school Patti went on to attend Wisconsin Parkside College where she majored in English and Minored in History. At that point in her life she wanted to get her PHD and go on to being a lawyer.

After college she took a year off and within six months of graduating she already had nine horses in training. Patti worked her way up the riding ladder, riding everything and anything that came her way she road many Arabs, Morgans, and Thoroughbreds during her earlier years.

Lessons Learned