Patrice Bend It Like Quenndal

Patrice Delaveau
Patrice Delaveau

It is one of the stars of this 2013 edition. Vice World Champion and European Champion, winner this year in La Baule and Hong Kong, Patrice has masterfully imposed with Quenndal de Lojou in the General Council of Allier Trophy, 2nd qualifier for the Sunday Grand Prix. Already qualified for the Grand Prix on Friday, the Norman will start with the favors of the bookmakers in the Sunday Grand Prix. In the VVA Trophy, the big speed class, it is finally the Finnish Henri Kovacs who won before the French Florie-Laure Etien, in the lead during most of the class.

General Council of Allier Trophy (1,50m - 2nd qualif. for Grand Prix): Delaveau Imperial!

The joy of Belgian Mike van Olst was short-lived. Delighted to have stolen the leadership from the Irish Thomas Ryan, he might be thought not to win but certainly not getting ahead of ... 6 seconds! Yet it is the demonstration of efficiency and speed that the French Patrice Delaveau did. Riding Coudrettes Stud's horse, Quenndal de Lojou, he clearly showed who was the "boss". The Belgian could still take comfort because with this second place, he won his ticket to the Grand Prix on Sunday, a ticket that Thomas Ryan (IRL) had already in his pocket too. Defending champion Pilar Cordon again signed a good performance with her mare Coriana Vant Klapscheut (4th), and will also be among the favorites on Sunday afternoon. Not qualified before this class, Melanie Cloarec, last to jump, gave all she could to make it. Ondine Belmanière signed a clear round and excellent seventh place finish, allowing her to enter the club of 50 couples who will start in tomorrow's Grand Prix of the City of Vichy.

CSIYH Future Elite SHF / FFE - Grand Prix Champagne Nanet: French doubled!

After playing two preliminary classes, young horses of 6 and 7 years found themselves one last time today for the Grand Prix. Despite their young age, they had to show address and especially speed. In six years, while Yannick Martin (FRA) and Niall Talbot (IRL) missed the jump off for a few cents, seven couples won their ticket to fight for victory. First to qualify and first in the jump off, Gregory Cottard did not renew his performance of yesterday, due to 4 faults. Because obviously behind him, many couples signed the double clear. First Charlotte Bettendorf (LUX) and Gaëtan Decroix (BEL) and finally Nina Fagerström (FIN). But it is finally Cédric Angot, penultimate to start in the jump off, which put everyone agrees riding Tescari'Jac. "I ride him since he was 5 years old," says the French rider. "I bought half to his breeder Jacques Grandchamp des Raux. This is a horse that we will wait a little and bring to the big classes." Already winning a Grand Prix recently, the big chestnut won his first Grand Prix SHF Future Elite here.

In the Grand Prix dedicated to 7 years old, it would have been incredible that the victory wouldn't have gone to a French rider. Among 12 at the jump off, 10 were French, 1 Spanish and 1 Brazilian! As expected, the battle has been tough, because good horses - and great pilots! - succeeded on the jump off. Two riders qualified their two mounts: Reynald Angot and Michel Hécart. Known for their speed, none of them succeeded in getting a place on the podium. Started in 2nd position in the jump off, Rémy Deuquet (FRA) took the lead...and thought he would finally win. But unfortunately, the French top rider Simon Delestre left him behind for only 12 hundredth of second. Riding Stardust Quinhon, Simon dominated Rémy Deuquet (FRA) and Yohann Mignet (3rd).

VVA Trophy (table C): Henri Kovacs prints the pace

Florie-Laure Etien, installed close to Vichy, thought she would win. 8th to start,  she surprised everyone - and first herself! - signing a very fast lap (101'' 52) with only one bar down. "I was very surprised to stay ahead so long," she said at the prize giving ceremony, with a smile. Always humble and hardworking Florie-Laure has regained color. Because even if the Finnish Henri Kovacs kidnaped her 1st place 8 horses before the end, the French rider has won his bet: compete with the world's best in the show of heart. From the 3rd to 6th place, the French have won it all, and among them another Auvergne Corgne Martin (5th).

6 bars - 21 Communication Trophy: 3 equal first!

They were 3 couples on 17 from the first round, to reach to the fifth jump off. Unfortunately, none of them succeeded in jumping over the 2.10 m final obstacle of this high jump class. This has not prevented the public to celebrate their performance. Marlon Modolo Zanotelli (BRA), David Jobertie (FRA) and Philippe Rozier (FRA) played the game to the end with a big smile, raising the temperature in the packed grandstands! "We had a spectacularly beautiful evening" said Marc Damians, president of the show. This was actually a very nice sporting moment just before the highlight of the show provided by the Companie Impulsion. Vaulting in line and Cossack, dressage, and wings of fire, the public has asked for more!

The Grand Prix of Sunday live on Internet!

On Sunday, starting at 2:45pm, you'll be able to watch live the Grand Prix of Vichy (1,55m - €34,000) FOR FREE on Internet! It will be the climax of this great weekend of sport, qualifying for the European Championships 2013 and for the WEG 2014. Only the 25 best riders ranked in the two qualifiers (on Friday and Saturday) will participate. Thanks to the technical support of Datanaute, WAN Video and DM Timing, see you on Sunday afternoon, comfortably installed in your deckchair, on! URL:

Programme - Sunday 14 July - 8h30
Class n°16 CSI3* Regional Council of Auvergne (1,40m)
Class n°17 Veterans - Grand Prix Vicomte A. (1,10m)
Class n°18 Veterans - Grand Prix Vicomte A. (1,20m)
Class n°14 CSI3* Grand Prix City of Vichy (1,55m)