Passing the Torch - Special Dressage Horse, Special Opportunity for Junior or Young Rider

“The struggle of wanting to really learn dressage, yet having limited finances, is one I know well, “ said Leah Escalante, who contacted DressageDaily about spreading the word with an opportunity she wants to provide to help another young rider struggling in a similar way. Escalante recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a major in Biochemestry, and is moving to Boston to pursue a career in scientific research. She dreamed of riding her horse, Wrocket, now a 10 year old Hanoverian gelding in the NAJYRC, but time, school, and money “were not on my side,” admits Escalante. “In college, my dream quickly changed to simply being able to keep Wrocket in my life.” While maintaining an academic scholarship and two jobs for four years just to make that dream a reality, Escalante continued her training and showing through the levels since purchasing him in 2006.  Currently offered for sale in DressageDaily’s horsemarket, Wrocket is priced below his appraised value at $55,000, Escalante is willing to negotiate on the price with an ambitious young rider that partners well with him. “He’s a true gem: sweet, handsome, talented, trained, and healthy. I want to help someone's dreams of the NAJYRC come true where mine did not.”
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Wrocket; a 2003 Hanoverian by Hanoverian by Widmark, is a talented and trained horse that still has many, many years of competing ahead. He has extensive professional training and clinic experience, who has consistantly been appraised by professionals at a price much higher than his current asking price of $55,000. Currently training and showing at a solid Third Level, Wrocket is poised for advancement and to be very competitive for a Junior or Young rider pursuing their goals. It's not uncommon to hear that he is worth his weight in gold,” added Escalante. “I understand, from personal experience, that $55,000 is a price outside of many talented and dedicated young rider's budgets, so with that in mind, I want to encourage those young riders to contact me anyway. I am willing to significantly negotiate with a young rider who pairs well with and appreciates him."

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