Open and Adult Amateur Champions Honored at Cool August Nights

Burbank, California, 24th – 27th August
by Angelea Kelly for photos by Amy McCool

As the World Equestrian Games came to a triumphant close in Germany, a little closer to home other champions, Open and Adult Amateur alike, were honored. On the West Coast, People on Horses’ Open and Markel Insurance’s Adult Amateur Series Champions were awarded at Cool August Nights Dressage Show. The event was hosted by Cornerstone Event Management and held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, California. The series began this past January at the LA Winter Dressage Show. As per usual, the California circuit boasted stiff competitors across all levels and divisions. Both John Seger of the Markel Group and Jeff Zella of People on Horses were on hand to present the awards.

Photo: Erin Lewis and Seville

People on Horses, owned and operated by Jeff & Lisa Zella, has been in operation approximately seven years now and they have been vending at various shows on the West Coast the last four. When asked how they became associated with the Cornerstone events, Jeff replied, “First and foremost the main reason is Glenda McElroy. She has really helped us in coming into the dressage world through the shows. We learned how to sponsor through Glenda and Cornerstone.” People on Horses co-sponsored all the Open Division Champions designing a sterling silver custom belt buckle for the occasion. The buckle was inspired by the championship buckles often awarded in other disciplines and was crafted from sterling silver with leaf filifree, brass accents and Swarovski crystals.

Open and Adult Amateur Champions Honored at Cool August Nights
Burbank, California, 24th – 27th August
by Angelea Kelly for photos by Amy McCool

Markel's Support of Dressage in America Continues to Grow

For John Seger of Markel Group Insurance, entertaining large bi-coastal sponsorships has made for a whirlwind year. Seger took time off from his busy schedule to fly out from Georgia and attend Cool Augusts Night in sunny Southern California. Adamant with Markel’s support of both Young Horse and Adult Amateurs alike, Seger is quick to point out their great importance in the sport. In dressage, where the professional predominately receives the glory and praise, it is refreshing when Adult Amateurs, whom keep the sport alive and moving forward, are decorated. Markel sponsored jackets to all first place winners, director’s chairs to all second placings and garment bags to all third placings.

Photo: Patti Cooper and Dublin

Although 75% of our team came from the West Coast and Pacific Northwest to compete at the WEG in Germany, Cool August Nights was still host to many quality FEI horse and rider combinations. Marie Meyers topped the FEI and went on to win the Prix St. Georges Open People on Horses Championship astride her current top horse, Fandango, after receiving a 71.250%.

Open and Adult Amateur Champions Honored at Cool August Nights
Burbank, California, 24th – 27th August
by Angelea Kelly for

Tami Hoag and Coco Chanel Adds More Markel Jackets to Her Wardrobe

Likewise, top FEI competitor, Tami Hoag of Malibu, California was back for a second year in a row to win the Adult Amateur Markel Grand Prix Championship. This year Hoag won on her Reinlander mare by Circus, Coco Chanel with a 62.083%. “I was very happy to win the Markel Amateur Grand Prix jacket, of course! Markel has been such a staunch supporter of Adult Amateurs at all levels in our sport, which I think is wonderful.” Hoag continues, “Amateurs are the backbone of the sport, but we don't always get credit for that. I was fortunate enough to win this honor last year as well with Feliki. I hope to continue to add to my collection of jackets!”

As a successful author, not being tied to a geographically specific location, Hoag is able to spend her winters competing on the Florida circuit and springs and summers back home competing in California. Hoag added, “I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to pursue my riding goals on both coasts. I've worked really hard to get where I am as an author. That hard work has enabled me to be in a position to support myself as an international grand prix dressage rider. I can't wait to get back to Florida for the 2007 season.”

Open and Adult Amateur Champions Honored at Cool August Nights
Burbank, California, 24th – 27th August
by Angelea Kelly for - Photos by Amy McCool

Cornerstone Dressage Handles Large Numbers of California Competitors

The series boasted great success this past year with a large roster of tough competitors. Although running in close proximity with the WEG, Cool August Night was well attended by exhibitors and spectators alike making it an extremely successful finale to the series. Kudos to Jennifer and Glenda at Cornerstone for a wonderfully produced show and their generous championship sponsors People on Horses and Markel Insurance Group.

  • Markel/Cornerstone Amateur Training Level Champion:
    • Kimberly Dobin and Athena 75.385%
  • Markel/Cornerstone Amateur First Level Champion:
    • Sam Lewis and Mon Ami 67.500%
  • Markel/Cornerstone Amateur Second Level Champion:
    • Carole Francis-Swayze and Huntington 63.529%
  • Markel/Cornerstone Amateur Third Level Champion:
    • Maurine Frey and Central Park 61.333%
  • Markel/Cornerstone Amateur Fourth Level Champion:
    • Kimbery Dobin and Passion Perdua 62.826%
  • Markel/Cornerstone Amateur PSG Champion:
    • Patti Cooper and Dublin 63.500%
  • Markel/Cornerstone Amateur Grand Prix Champion:
    • Tami Hoag and Coco Chanel 62.083%

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