Olympic Dressage News From Debbie McDonald - We're Here!!

Just wanted to let you all know that we did arrive safe and all horses look great! This is really an amazing venue, I think the best that I have ever seen or been to. The stalls are big and have rubber not just on the floor but the walls as well. The barn is kept at a cool temp so the horses are not having to be drained by the heat all day and night.

The footing is amazing as well. Today I took Brentina out for a trail ride on manicured trails that meander through the cross country coarse, this all sits inside the race track. There must be 7 or 8 arenas between the eventing and the indoor. I haven't seen the grooms rooms but they seem to be fine with them.

So far the weather is bearable. We will ride light in the mornings and then start riding them at night since that is when most of the competition will be going. We received all our clothes last night, but none of mine fit! They ordered me XS for everything? HAS ANYONE SEEN MY ARMS? Not a big deal. They are going to try and exchange them.

The people could not be nicer and the service at the restaurants is unbelievable. Took a short walk today to see things and can't believe what its like. I am having custom made suits with skirt and blouses for around $400!

We are all going tonight on the Jockey Club Yacht, for a tour of the Harbor. Enjoying these next couple of days and then it is time to get really serious. But for now it is nice to be doing something out of the ordinary. Talk to you all later!
Love Deb