Olympic Dressage News - From Debbie McDonald and Brentina

Sorry it has been a couple of days since I have last written. It seems like we are on the go every moment even with only one horse. Things are on target here and the jog went very well for our team. If I do say so myself, we were the best turned out of any team!

The last three days we have been cheering our Event Team on. It is fun to have all three Teams in the same barn. Today was an easy day for the horses, we had the main arena last night but not until 10:35pm. So by the time we got home it was around 11:45, and who knows when the grooms got done!
Coming soon! Team USA Dressage Collage Poster by phelpsphotos.com

This is when the grooms really start to get tired. They areup at 5am and not to bed until after midnight. Some of them don't get to bed before 2am. But that isn't because of us!

I know that Ruben has made the most of his experience here. Everywhere he goes they all know his name and love him! I have never met anyone that puts a smile on and loves what he does more than him. Brentina is his best friend and you can see it in both of their faces. This is also going to be very hard on him knowing that this is the last time with her in competition. I have been so lucky to have him.

We are getting some rain again today and I hope it stays a little overcast the next couple of days. After a rain like this if it is sunny, it will be unbearable with the humidity. One more day to go! I am getting nervous and excited, this is the most beautiful arena that I have ever been in, also electric!

The jumbo screen has caused some tenseness in many horses and also the camera between the judges booths at the end of the arena. We have all had time in the ring to let them see it, now we have to wait and see if it helped.

It has been wonderful traveling with such a great support group, Bob, Gil, Rick and the staff from USEF, have been amazing. Michael (Barisone) has been wonderful, keeping us all laughing with his jokes and imitations. He has definitely earned best sportsmanship award for this trip!

Hope everyone is well back in the US. Stay Safe!