Olympic Dressage News - Ashley Holzer and Pop Art

8 -10

- Hi everyone! The jog went extremely well. Leslie and Jacquie (Brooks) had beautifully controlled jogs which Poppy found to be very boring. Poppy decided he would ramp it up a bit by passaging, then trotting then passaging again with a finale of canter all with his tail straight in the air!

He is definitley not affected by the heat!! We are off to the Olympics!!!
All the best. Ashley

Photo: Shawn Hamilton
CLix Photography

8 -9 - Greetings from Hong Kong!! I just wanted to let everyone know that the horses are going very well and we are excited and prepared for the big "test". . The Games have begun and the jog is tomorrow at 430 with Canada jogging at 445.

We have definitely had our fair share of rain in the past week. The level 8 typhoon was nothing compared to the amount of rain that fell two days ago! Luckily it has brought the temp down a bit to a very steamy 31!

The jumpers arrived safely a few days ago and were out this am going for their first ride. The first day of the 3 day competition started this morning at 630 am!!! It went smoothly except for a few poor horses that took great exception to the huge camera right beside C. It moved as the horses went by and the fact that it was covered with a tarp (due to the ongoing rain!), did not help!

Running the classes early in the morning and then again in the evening really makes a remarkable difference when it comes to air temp and humidity. These hours have been a little taxing on all the support staff. The very early mornings and late nights, leading up to this event have been a little arduous! I think Holly will need a few weeks off after this!!

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful emails. I can't tell you how much your support means. Everyone that has ever been to a "jog" at a major event knows how we all tend to breathe a little easier when it is over. People were all out practicing their "jog" discreetly yet everyone wanted to use the same area so it was hardly discreet!

We were all taking turns. It looked a little like the approach runway at JFK around 5 pm! My fingers are crossed for every competitor tomorrow. Nobody wants to come this far and have their dreams squashed at this early stage of the competition. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.!
Ashley (Holzer and Pop Art)

7 - 31 - Hi everyone - Just want to let everyone know that we have arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong. The horses all traveled well. Poppy is loving this incredible facility.

It is hot but the barns are completely air conditioned to a very comfortable temperature. These Games seem extremely well organized. The Chinese have gone to great lengths to make sure everything is perfect. The stabling and the footing are top notch!! The village is not the normal dormitory but a top notch hotel only for athletes.

I will try to get some pictures up loaded which will give you an idea of how wonderful this place truly is. I can't quite believe we are in Asia riding our horses!!!

Thank you very much for helping make this happen!!!