Olympic Competitors Train and Play Together

Olympic News - From Gil Merrick in Aachen - Managing Director USA Dressage Sport Programs

There are more than 100 horses here right now preparing for the Olympics:  USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Belarus, Russia, Italy, Poland and Ireland.  So all of our riders come out to the training arenas each day knowing that all of their competitors are either riding next to them in the training arenas or sitting in the stands watching as everyone prepares to compete in Hong Kong.

This creates a wonderful environment of competitiveness while everyone can still be relaxed with training their horses according to the methods they normally use at home.  Everyone has the opportunity now to observe how each of their fellow competitors achieves the results that translate to the scores they are awarded in the final events.

Most riders and their support teams are staying at the same hotel here in Aachen, so there are many opportunities to get together for a casual drink after the day’s training and share thoughts about the adventure that lies ahead for everyone in Hong Kong!

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