Olympic Bound Dressage Team USA Arrives Safely in Aachen

Debbie McDonald (and Brentina) will be sending DressageDaily periodic e-mails as they begin their Olympic journey to share with our readers.

Well, we all arrived safely but very tired. We figured out how many hours from start to finish and it was over 30 hours. So most of yesterday was letting the horses be quiet and left alone for the most part. Small walks but every time we would all leave most of them would take another nap.

My big rolling box did not arrive yet hopefully it came late last night? It would be great to get on today and just feel the energy level. On Thursday we have to move again, all equipment over to quarantine. I have a feeling that is going to be a different experience?

The weather is nice for the moment but hopefully for the horses it will start to warm up. Otherwise it is going to be a big shock to all of us in Hong Kong?

I think Gil (Merrick) found us a gym so we can start to work out since there is not one in the hotel. I guess that puts pressure on me to go too! I am off to the barn and will try to give a better update later. I just want you all to know how much your support means. I really miss my family! And Button (Baker) your the best, give my Halle a kiss from me!

Love Deb