Nobel II

Nobel II is a 5 year-old purebred Spanish stallion whose ancestors originated on the Iberian Peninsula 25,000 years ago. He is a modern son of the most ancient Royal Stud in the world, the "Sotomayor Estate" founded in 1139 and Nobel II carries the purest bloodlines of the horses of the Kings of Spain into the 21st century. His superb conformation, high foreleg action, powerful impulsion, intelligence, memory, and willingness to perform, have given him and his progeny the title, "The Royal Horse of Europe."

Both horse and rider are presented in the Spanish manner. Nobel's saddle is in the Espanola style with an elevated cantell and pommel, which hold the rider on the seat. The horse hair mosquero on the front of the bridle. Originated in Andalucia as a "fly screen" but its free side to side swing visually indicates "collection" to both rider and observer. The rider's attire is in the classical style of the famous Spanish painter Goya: brilliant color, gold metallic accenting and the stately velvet high school hat. Even the protective leggings, called polainas, are embellished with fancy feather cutouts.

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