New Year Guidance from

The end of the year is a natural time for taking stock and moving forward. This isn't just any year – it is the beginning of a new decade.  It is time for a fresh start and an exciting new era! This year we have a new challenge - the recession is straddling the decades like a Roman Rider. So rather than a clean fresh start, we head into the new decade somewhat bound to the past. Check out the lastest newletter feature from, then check out this informative website packed with helpful information. Some free, some subscription based.

So this time, instead of getting bogged down reflecting on how things were, or measuring how we did  -  Let's focus on what we learned , recover our balance, and harness the power of both the old and the new!

We only truly benefit from the things we learn from.  So good or bad, discouraging or enlightening, we encourage you to take this time to think about what you learned instead of how you did last year or last decade.

What Did We Learn?

What constitutes learning? Is it when we recognize a problem or discover something new? Or is it when we are finally doing what we did before differently?  I'd like to propose that –

1. Change is proof of learning.
Whether it is a change that is only visible with in our self or one that the whole world can see, when we truly learn something it changes us and how we do things.

Think about teaching – a student hasn't learned how to post the trot until they can actually sit and stand in rhythm with the trot. Once they can do this – it's like flipping a switch that totally changes how they ride.

Learning changes everything. It has the ability to flip the switch from bouncy and difficult to smooth and rhythmical.

What did you learn over the last year (or decade) that flipped your switch?  How did it change things?

2. Awareness is not the same thing as learning but it is a start. Often people confuse awareness with learning. Students sometimes rationalize that they “know” how to do something they “just can't make their body do it”.  If a student “knows” how to do a beautiful flying lead change but can't actually do one – they still haven't learned how to do a flying lead change.  The same is true in your business (and life). Awareness doesn't produce the same results as learning. Awareness is passive. Learning requires action. If you are aware your business isn't making enough money, or that you need to attract a different type of client – don't rationalize it. Don't beat yourself up about it either. Just take the next step. Learn how to change it.

What did you become aware of?  How will you progress your awareness into learning?

If you can't reproduce it – you haven't learned it. Success without learning is dangerous. It can create a false sense of security and achievement.  Success without learning is luck.  It is not predictable or secure. If you produced a good result but, don't know how you did it, and can't reproduce it - you haven't learned it.  Take the time to analyze what went right and why it worked. Learn it! Then, reproduce it.

What successes are you already re-producing?  What successes do you need to learn how to reproduce?

4. Learning is a giving thing.
One indicator of learning is the ability to explain what you have learned to some one else.  The act of sharing what you have learned deepens your knowledge and enriches those around you. Have you ever had someone share not just their successes but their journey – what they learned along the way?  Their knowledge is far more powerful than the prize it gained. When you share what you learned you empower others to succeed and raise the common good.

What is the most important thing you learned over the last decade and how will you give it away?

Take a moment now and write down your answers. Use them to recognize your true achievements. Use them to guide you.  Share them with others.  Then, pull them out this same time next year and see what else you want to learn.

Happy New Decade!