New Vaulting Coach Certification Program

Tyler, TX - November 2005 - The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and the American Vaulting Association (AVA) have combined efforts to create the Recreational Vaulting Certification program.

Vaulting is gymnastics and dance in harmony with the moving horse. As a competitive sport, it is stylized and disciplined. As a recreational activity and teaching aid it is enormously adaptable in scope and application.

The goal of the Recreational Vaulting Coach (RVC) certification clinics are to provide the vaulting community a certification process through which participants may be evaluated in their skills as coaches to provide a safe, enjoyable and effective beginning vaulting program.

Certification will qualify an individual to assist a certified coach (assistant certification). An individual may also become certified to coach vaulting at the walk/trot in a camp setting or a recreational vaulting program for non-competitive vaulting experiences or for a program offering vaulting for riders with disabilities (level one or level two certification).

A candidate desiring to attend a RVC clinic for coach certification must hold current CHA certification and be a member in good standing with the AVA. The RVC clinic is two and a half days long and is held in conjunction with a Standard, Combined or Disabilities clinic or may be held as a stand-alone clinic.

During the clinic a participant will be asked to teach a minimum of two lessons on the barrel and then on the horse, serve as spotters and longers; as well as attend lectures on safety, risk management, selection, training and care of the vaulting horse.

To learn more about the sport of vaulting visit the American Vaulting Association web site at For more information about the CHA certification program visit

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