New Sponsors for the 2004 USEF Junior Dressage Team Championship

Collection Gaits Farm, The Dutta Corporation and Performance Sales International

Three new sponsors have formed a partnership to present the 2004 USEF Junior Dressage Team Championship: Collecting Gaits Farm, The Dutta Corporation, and Performance Sales International.

This prestigious Championship will be held July 9 – 11, 2004 in Pebble Beach, CA . Applications are due by May 1 st!

"My husband, Jeff, and I wanted to sponsor the US Junior Dressage Champions for many reasons," said Shereen Fuqua of Collecting Gaits Farm. " We feel very fortunate to ride in full training with Karen Lipp who has always supported the program and successfully trained many of her junior riders to the championships.KayceRedmond won with her team mates in Oregon two seasons ago."

Shereen Fuqua encourages the junior rider program as an ideal stepping stone to FEI level competition. "Watching first hand how the program molds these young riders to up and coming professionals is fantastic, like Courtney Raiser.As sponsors last year, nearly all the girls who participated wrote us letters of how the championship was a "dream come true", and touched their lives and family lives."

2004 USEF Junior Dressage Team Championship is also sponsored by The Dutta Corporation and European horse marketing and brokerage company Performance Sales International (PSI). "We have successfully transported many horses with Tim Dutta, and he and his wife, Susie are very dedicated to the sport.Additionally,we have done business with PSI, andthey have a diverse selection of dressage prospects from young to trained horses," explained Fuqua.

Shereen Fuqua also praised the involvement of Anne Gribbons in the event. "How can you not agree to sponsor anything Anne Gribbons is involved with.She has dedicated herself to train and moldthe up and coming riders through the program."

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