New Online Equine Fine Art Photography Class Starts September 7th

Online photography class offers one of a kind learning experience for equine photographers - The Essence of Equus, is a new equine fine art photography class. Discover how to capture more artistic images, process your images to bring out their full potential and finally to a complete fine art piece. For the first time ever, horse photographers can be part of a learning experience like no other ... anywhere. The Essence of Equus is more than a photography class. It will reach inside your soul and grasp your vision and put it to paper. You will have 4 professional equine photographers that are at the top of the fine art world at your side as you make your way on your own personal journey. - Class starts September 7, 2011, registration is now open -

The class is offered online by and is taught by four professional equine photographers: Christina Handley, Bev Pettit, Laura Cotterman and Rachael Waller.

The class runs for 2 months and includes lessons, assignments, discussion and critiques. Everything is online and accessible 24/7. This online class is ideal for those who want to improve their equine photography without the expense and inconvenience of traveling.

Taught by four professional equine photographers in a collaborative effort, this class has a wonderful synergy. The instructors are all friends, know each other and work well together. This experience will be uplifting, energizing and fun. Ride the wave of the creative flow with other like-minded photographers.

See the horse's true soul through the intuitive eyes and heart of Rachael Waller, find the magic moment with the patience, timing and vision of Christina Handley, become enlightened of all the fine nuances of this magnificent creature with the wisdom and insight of Laura Cotterman and infuse your post processing with the creative genius and artistic talent of Bev Pettit.

The Essence of Equus will focus on the artistic and not the technical aspects of photography. Any camera will do, any camera!

The online photography course consists of four written lessons with lots of examples and 4 photography assignments. Students upload their photos and receive helpful feedback and advice. The learning environment is supportive, fun and creative. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, discuss ideas and participate. This class includes live webinar discussion sessions for those who wish to attend.

Have you ever been amazed by the vision of a photographer? Wondered how they got the shot or even saw the shot in the first place? Do you have hard drives full of promising images that need finishing touches? Do you know what papers and canvases might best suit your images? These are the things we will work on in this class.

Go to for the course outline. Sign up now and don’t miss this class. There are already have dozens of people enrolled so the interaction, creativity and learning experience is going to be phenomenal! offers a full schedule of classes including 6 additional horse photography classes that will run this fall. Classes cover many DSLR how-to topics to help people learn to use their digital cameras and take great photos. Go to to view the complete schedule.

What our students have to say:

“I have taken many of the photography courses offered with Learn to Take Photos and I have never been disappointed. The material and instructors are phenomenal! The courses are easy to understand and the follow up critiquing with the instructors is one of the most beneficial parts of these courses because you learn from that input.“ ~ Dorothy Puddester

"I have taken a number of classes from Christina and Laura and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. I especially appreciated the clear and understandable way in which they presented their class material. The PDF files and videos are full of great information that I can continue to refer to even after the class is over. Before taking my first class with Learn To Take Photos, I had not had much experience with online classes so I wasn't quite sure what that would be like. It was great! As students, we could post our images to the class forum and receive help with them from our instructors. We could ask as many questions as we needed to and would always receive prompt and helpful advice. One of the added bonuses was getting to know my fellow classmates. I was inspired by their work and feel like I made some new friends. I feel like my photography really was taken to a new level because of my experiences with Learn To Take Photos. I highly recommend them!"
~ Pam Soderholm

“I am SO excited to have the opportunity to learn from not one but four amazing equine photographers. All the classes I have taken so far through "Learn To Take Photos" have had well written instructions, assignments that push me to use my creative side, critiques that are instructional and useful and class message boards that allow for interaction between students across the miles and continents.” ~ Susan Kordish

"Whether you are a beginner just starting out or are advanced with your digital camera I feel that this is a great place to further your education, vision and creativity. I believe that the weekly challenges were an excellent way to get me to go out and shoot for a particular concept and broaden my way of seeing. I loved the Artistic Interpretations Class and the addition of Bev Pettit's Photoshop Courses has really taken my images to a higher level. Thanks guys!" ~ Phyllis Burchett

About Learn To Take Photos

Learn To Take Photos is an online photography school founded by well-known horse photographers Christina Handley and Laura Cotterman. Students learn photography, get to know new people and share ideas in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment. Learn To Take Photos’ online photography courses are designed for adult learners and are self-directed, creative and motivating. Students have one-to-one access to expert photographers.