New "Horse World" Simulation Game For Horse Lovers Debuts on Facebook, the revolutionary online horse show site, announces the launch of its new Facebook game titled "Horse World".  This innovative game is designed for horse lovers as well as fans of simulation game by replicating the "real-life" activities of building farms, managing stables, and participating in equestrian training and competition.

Similar to other wildly-popular Facebook "farming" games, with the new Horse World game players can create customized virtual facilities, building farms with fully functional stables complete with pastures, barns, training venues, farm equipment and custom homes, and even create communities by inviting friends to build their own farms next door.  Once stables are built, players can add horses and train them in the training venues to earn experience points, which are used to then compete in shows and races.   Credits are earned in many ways including  creating a business through boarding horses, hosting shows and/or races, as well selling  facilities, equipment and/or horses.  As in the "real" equestrian world, Horse World users can enjoy shopping for saddlery and equipment for their horses in the virtual tack store.  Players also earn achievement ribbons and credits for completing tasks and progressing through levels, as well as earn points and reward good performances by their online horses by regularly "petting" their steeds.

"We're tremendously excited about 'Horse World'," said Jeff Sloan, CEO and founder of  "Players of all ages can enjoy the interactive, realistic, and simulation features of this new Facebook game that is fun whether you are a horse owner or not."

Launched on February 3, 2012, Horse World continues to add new and exciting features, including more shows and races for all breeds and disciplines; custom colors; horse sales and breeding; plus opportunities to compete against online friends' horses. Future partnerships with breed registries and equestrian organizations will allow for even more breed and discipline-specific elements.

To learn more about's online features, please visit  To join the fun with your new Horse World game, visit is an online horse show site designed for equestrians to compete and network with a global audience.  Offering a revolutionary way to assess a horse and rider’s readiness for competition, gives members the ability to upload their riding videos, enter shows, and receive expert feedback from renowned officials – all from the convenience of one’s own facility.  In this unique online video format, judges provide each entrant with a detailed scorecard, including a complete analysis with feedback, personalized comments and suggestions. welcomes all breeds, disciplines and experience levels to take part in both judged competitions and fun popularity shows, and in addition to valuable learning experiences and gaining a competitive advantage, members of can collect ribbons, trophies, and cash prizes all from the comfort of their home.