A New Facility for Warren/McMullin Dressage

Donna Cameron, 48 and a lawyer for nearly 25 years is the executive vice president and general council at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA. Donna has recently completed construction of Cutler Farm in Medfield, MA, one of the largest barn complexes for the sport in the region. Cameron who used to travel to Rhode Island to train with Warren/McMullin Dressage easily enticed her trainers to move to Massachusetts for the summer months, where they were involved in the design and layout of the building process and are the now head trainers at Cutler Farm.

Photo: Donna Cameron and Bill McMullin with Donna's horse Leiden at the USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championship 2004 where the duo place 7th overall. Photo by Robert McMullin

The 70 by 242 indoor arena has special footing mirrored walls and observation room, and a Pilates studio. McMullin is especially proud of the layout at the end of the arena, where extra footage was allowed to have a separate area for riders to mount, dismount, and prepare for their training session. “Just this simple adjustment in the design makes working in the indoor so much easier.” explained McMullen. The two barns and 14 stalls have been filled since before construction was finished. The property also has a bright yellow farm house, office and caretaker’s apartment.

Photo: Connie Thompson