New Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp and Mastermind Program Begins March 18

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March 13, 2012 -  Is your horse business getting the maximum benefit from your social media marketing efforts? Social Media is the most powerful marketing and relationship tool the equine industry has ever had available to attract, educate and inspire customers and to bring "newbies" into the equestrian community. invites horse industry professionals to its 2012 Social Media Boot Camp that will be held March 18 - 25. Boot camp attendees will get eight group coaching classes and support materials designed specifically for horse industry businesses. This material is real world applicable and will enable you (and/or the members of your team) to take immediate action to improve your social media results!

This is not your ordinary social media seminar program! Most social media training programs fall short for two reasons. One, the material isn't real world applicable (especially for horse businesses.) Two, they don't provide the ongoing support necessary to succeed. This is why we created the Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp and Mastermind Program.  

Each class will be taught by equestrian marketing experts Elisabeth McMillan, of the award-winning horse business website, and Chad Mendell, of CowDog Media (formerly the executive editor of Both McMillan and Mendell were judges for the 2012 Equestrian Social Media Awards. 

"I really was impressed at how much I learned at your recent Social Media webinars," said Lua Oas Southard, CEO of Equine Resources International, LLC. "Because of my busy schedule I couldn't get to each one on the night it happened, but you made it easy for me to catch up, for which I thank you so much.  What a great combination you two are...what one doesn't know the other does.  Thanks again for all your hard work in putting these seminars together."

"Social media can open many doors for equine professionals to have a conversation with current and potential customers," Mendell said. "That conversation can not only help you make a sale but more importantly, create a loyal customer. We've put together a program that will teach you actionable steps to incorporate social media into your business's overall marketing plan. Steps that will help you engage your customers more and, at the same time, increase your bottom line."

"The benefit of our program isn't just the quality of the material we've prepared but the quality of the participants," said McMillan. "Our boot camp brings together some of the best minds in the horse business and so attendees will likely learn as much from each other as they do from us!" 

Who should attend:
Horse professionals
Equestrian associations
Horse show managers
Equestrian websites
Horse publications
Tack stores
Equine supplement companies
Equestrian retailers
Equine service providers i.e. Veterinarians, farriers, attorneys, cpa's
Equine industry marketers

What you'll learn:
How to improve your results across the four major social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
How to build a valuable social media following that cultivates customers, supporters and brand evangelists
How to develop a powerful online presence with the minimum amount of resources (time and money) and the maximum return on investment!
How to use the latest and greatest technology to further boost your social media efforts and get an edge on your competition.
You can learn more about the Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp by visiting Hurry, boot camp registration is limited.

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