New Bridles & Italian Fashions Debuted - PanaCavallo and Cavalleria Toscana Kickoff Gold Sponsorship at 2011 Dressage At Devon

From left to right, Adrienne Lyle and Debbie McDonald with Debbie Witty measuring Wizard for a PanaCavallo bridle. (Photo: courtesy of Trilogy)
From left to right, Adrienne Lyle and Debbie McDonald with Debbie Witty measuring Wizard for a PanaCavallo bridle. (Photo: courtesy of Trilogy)

Devon, PA – Among the not-to-be-missed newcomers at Dressage at Devon this year will be PanaCavallo and partners, Cavalleria Toscana. PanaCavallo will be introducing their new line of bridles and kicking off their exciting partnership with Cavalleria Toscana, an elegant line of Italian equestrian clothing. PanaCavallo and Cavalleria Toscana will be based in the booth just behind the show office at Dressage At Devon, giving dressage enthusiasts a peak at the new PanaCavallo bridles and the hottest new looks in Italian equestrian fashions.

Michael Davis, owner of PanaCavallo, is thrilled to partner with Cavalleria Toscana and launch their debut at Devon, one of the premier equestrian events in the country. “In addition, Trilogy Saddles, a distributor of our PanaCavallo bridles will also be at Devon showcasing the bridles and building customized bridles at the show,” Davis added.

Debbie Witty, President of Trilogy, said she is excited about the PanaCavallo bridles and feels their quality of workmanship is superb. The bridles really enhance the comfort of the horse. Best of all, Witty will offer custom fitted PanaCavallo bridles. “There are four different types of PanaCavallo bridles and they are all very horse friendly, offering great comfort for the horse in addition to being extremely functional,” Witty said.

The PanaCavallo bridles feature a double and snaffle bridle in each model, the Aristocrat, the Grandeur, the Elite and the Elite Classic. “When a bridle creates pressure on a horse’s nose or ears, it can be very uncomfortable. The PanaCavallo cavesons are nicely cushioned and gives the horse a lot of relief,” Witty said, adding that the bridles are beautiful and made of European leather. “The crownpiece of the PanaCavallo bridles are contoured, which works out great for horses with bigger ears. The contour also creates comfort around the ear for all horses, relieving any pressure or pinching.”

Davis said he is pleased that Trilogy will be carrying the bridles. “Devon is going to be a very exciting time for us. Not only will we offer the new bridles but also the Cavalleria Toscana clothing line is truly amazing.  Cavalleria Toscana offers high tech fabrics that move with the rider. They have a remarkable line of hip and fashionable attire that people are going to be very eager to see and been seen in. Our booth will definitely be a hotspot at Devon,” he said.

As an avid dressage rider, competitor and horse owner, Davis offers an excellent perspective on the mind of the dressage rider and what they are looking for. Davis and his family ride and train with Dr. Cesar Parra at Parra’s Piaffe-Performance farm in New Jersey. Davis’ daughter Bebe will be competing two ponies at Devon after recently winning the Reserve Championship in the Pony Division at the USEF National Championships At Gladstone. Trainer Dr. Cesar Parra and Davis’ amazing horse, Grandioso were recently named to the 2011 United States Dressage Team to compete in the upcoming Pan Am Games in Mexico. So the new business venture combined with a flurry of show ring success has the Davis family keyed up and ready for Devon.

“All of the PanaCavallo products are of the highest quality and at an affordable price, which in this day and time is very important,” Davis said. “As riders we want to keep our horses and ourselves outfitted in the finest tack and clothing available, but do it without breaking the bank. The entire PanaCavallo line is fantastic and really is some of the most cost effective dressage equipment on the market.”

To learn more about PanaCavallo and Cavalleria Toscana visit their booth at Devon. To purchase a PanaCavallo bridle visit the Trilogy Saddles booth at Devon. Dressage At Devon takes place September 27 through October 2nd in Devon, PA.