New Book About the American West - Seen Through Swedish Eyes

Two Swedes, a photographer and a writer, portraying the American West - how does that sound? What can they possibly know? U.S. publisher Gibbs Smith has just released our book ”West” and I hope that its imagery and European perspective on America can be of interest to you. Since this definitely is a book you need to hold in your hand (and not just check on a website) to appreciate, I suggest that you contact the publisher about a review copy.

”West” has been created by Lars Strandberg (photo) and me, Lars Åberg (text), with the help of book designer Ronnie Nilsson. Printed on matte paper with a special cardboard cover, it includes some 300 pictures of people and places out West, digging into both mythology and everyday life. The size is 8 11/16” X 12 3/8”.

Lars Strandberg and I have traveled extensively in the western parts of the country and ”West” is our first book to be published in the U.S. In Swedish, I have previously written a number of non-fiction books about America, including two volumes on Native Americans and a critically acclaimed collection of travel stories titled “Cowboy” (”absolute world class travel writing”, according to Svenska Dagbladet, a leading newspaper in Stockholm).

”West” has not been published in Sweden, yet it has received immediate media attention in our country upon its American publication. The first reviews are in:

  • ”A magnificent luxury work.” (National channel TV4)
  • ”It creates an insatiable yearning to go there, to the far end of the Frontier... Lars Åberg has written powerfully about the big western country for almost forty years.” (Sonic magazine)
  • ”Lars Strandberg’s pictures...tell a languishing story and seem to glow from within... Close to the images, Lars Åberg’s words meander like a textile pattern shaped by emotional connections, helpful hooks and pauses for thought. Unexpectedly poetic!” (The Evening Post)

Lars Strandberg works internationally with both feature and commercial photography. Lars Åberg is a journalist and author, writing for several of the major Swedish newspapers and magazines. Ronnie Nilsson is an acclaimed art director and designer, known for award-winning books.

You will find more information about our book ”West” at