National Reining Breeders Classic Competition To Include 6-Year-Olds

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Byars, Oklahoma – National Reining Breeders Classic Executive Director Jeff Magoteaux announced April 11 that the 2003 NRBC Show will include 6-year-old NRBC enrolled horses in Classic competition.

With over $1.3 million in Certificates of Deposit in banks to be used as added money in coming years, the National Reining Breeders Classic Board of Directors and Management Team take seriously the job of plotting the future direction for the highly successful stallion program.

A recent trend in the industry led to a request to the NRBC to consider including 6-year-olds along with the 4- and 5-year-olds eligible to compete in the Classic.

The Board and administration, in considering the possibility of allowing 6-year-old horses in NRBC competition, felt that doing so would provide an additional incentive to mare and foal owners. Such a change would provide three years eligibility to compete for a $600,000 plus purse instead of two years. It was felt that this could increase sale value of enrolled foals, plus would give "late-bloomers" a chance to compete. For horses that weren't enrolled as foals, three years of eligibility would be a better gamble when faced with a large late enrollment fee, as well.

It was also the opinion of the board that if the change were to be adopted, it should begin with the 1997 foals – the first NRBC foal crop enrolled as weanlings.

Ultimately, even though the board felt that including 6-year-olds in competition would be a positive move, the decision was postponed until an opinion poll was sent to NRBC stallion owners and exhibitors. Participation in the poll was overwhelming and over 96 per cent of the respondents voted to allow 6-year-olds. With that result, the change was made.
Beginning with the 2003 NRBC Show, the Classic will be open to 4-, 5- and 6-year-olds.

The National Reining Breeders Classic, based in Byars, Oklahoma, is the most successful stallion incentive program in reining history. In just four years, the NRBC has grown to include over 220 subscribed stallions and close to 7,000 enrolled foals, and the payout at the 2001 Saltgrass Steak House National Reining Breeders Classic was over $630,000. For information on the NRBC, visit the web site at or call 580-759-3939