National Equestrian Trail Conference to be Hosted by Kentucky in 2012

On July 12-14, 2012, the largest national equestrian trail and conservation conference, the Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference (SETC) will be held in Kentucky, hosted by the Kentucky Horse Council.  “Bringing this prestigious conference to Kentucky is a natural next step in promoting healthy outdoor activities while understanding the critical importance of land conservation,” said Anna Zinkhon, President of the Kentucky Horse Council.

The conference has been held annually since the first one started at Clemson University in 1998, a brainchild of Dr. Gene Woods of Clemson.  It has rotated between states in the Southeast since that time.  SETC features national speakers from the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, County and local officials, experts in trails, land use and conservation, and equestrian leaders with success stories on cooperative efforts with land managers.  The 2012 conference will be hosted in Lexington.

At the 2011 SETC conference in Auburn, Alabama, the organizing group voted to transition SETC to a national rather than regional conference. Thus in 2012, outreach will be extended beyond the Southeast states.  Kentucky’s location in the mid-South enables reasonable travel from the Midwest and East Coast, as well as the Southeast.

As details on the 2012 conference develop, they will be posted on  The Kentucky SETC Organizing Committee can be reached through the Kentucky Horse Council at 859-367-0509 or email