National Dressage Pony Cup Offers $10,000 In Total Prize Money for 2013 Show



The National Dressage Pony Cup (NDPC) is offering $10,000 in total prize money for the September 7-8, 2013 show being held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The show will again be held in conjunction with MSEDA Dressage At The Park I & II. Prize money will be offered for each class and by rider classifications for Junior/Pony Club, Adult Amateur, and Open. High Point Awards for rider and breed classifications are awarded also. NDCP is open to any pony that meets pony size requirements. No qualifying scores are necessary. Although ponies can be from any breed or mix of breeds, breed awards are presented as entries warrant for registered ponies. Classes are offered from Introductory walk/trot tests to Fourth Level and Freestyle. Entries are open to any breed or mix of breed pony with a current United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Pony Measurement Card. For ponies needing a measurement card, USEF approved veterinarians will be available to issue measurement cards. Entries will be handled through in 2013.

"It is my goal to grow the NDPC so that it becomes a recognized National Championship for dressage ponies and sport pony breeding through future developement of a series of 'pony only' divisions at competitions throughout the United States. We encourage all ponies and riders of every level to compete at NDPC!" said Jenny Carol, Founder and Organizer. 

Founded in 2007, this annual show is dedicated to the promotion of ponies, breeders, owners, and riders from throughout the United States and Canada in dressage competition. Sponsorship opportunities are available. 

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