Natalie Lamping Provides a 'Critiqual Analysis Clinic' By Mail

Here’s a great idea. Whether the long winter months have you feeling out of touch with your training, or you need to improve your test riding skills, you can get the benefit of a private clinic with a leading FEI Dressage Judge, competitor and trainer, by mail!

How? By submitting a 30 minute video, you will get an in depth analysis of your ride, at whatever level. It can be a work session, trying a horse, or a test in competition. For a fraction of the cost or effort to travel to a clinic, or show you can get the help you need to fix a problem, choose a horse or refine your showing abilities.

Natalie Lamping a long time FEI Dressage Judge, known for her objective, fair and constructive judging is offering a unique service for dressage enthusiasts who could benefit from her trained eye. Get the insight from an International Dressage Judge, FEI Rider and competitor, trainer and coach, who can address your specific concerns, problems and goals.

Here’s How

Submit a video 30 minutes, of a work session, trying a horse, or test in a show. Include an explanation of your goals, short and long range.

Send the Tape To
Natalie Lamping
P.O. Box 8103
Bartlett, IL 60103
Phone/Fax: 630-213-5719
e-mail -

Natalie Lamping will review the tape several times and write up a critique.

Act Now and Save
Special Introductory Offer
January 2005 - $75.
The cost, after February 1, 2005 will be $100.

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