Nancy Pugh Later is a Patient and Sensitive Trainer

Nancy Pugh Later

"I love riding with Nancy," says student Jenny Goad. "She has so much respect for me as a rider and is so careful and clear in her delivery. She gets really great things out of my horse and I, things I didn't think possible. She is constantly helping me build the confidence to be the rider and trainer I am going to become. She never tries to make me something I am not. I trust what she says, and I work hard for her."

What does Nancy think her students say about her? "I THINK they say I am a bit tough to ride with! I HOPE they say it is worth it! I know that if you do not want TO RIDE then you probably do not want to ride with me. I am not good at teaching people who do not want to learn the basics and want to start at the top."

What they really say about her is that they love working with her. “Nancy is the best teacher and trainer I’ve had. She is so patient with my very sensitive and difficult horse and has been able, through consistent and diplomatic riding, to get him over his evil ways and into upper-level movements. Nancy has great skill and talent as a rider and trainer. She is always cheerful and professional with her students – not that she doesn’t give you what for when you do the same mistakes over and over again – but I feel that her ability to communicate the information to her students is very clear. My horse is talented, but lacked submission. The more I would get after him, the more tense he would get, and the less we would get done. Nancy really helped me to work with him rather than against him,” said student Kathy Giovenco.

Linda Olson has hosted numerous of Nancy’s clinics and has watched with awe the transformation in riders who train consistently with Nancy. “Nancy has developed a loyal rider group and I have been amazed by how many of the riders, both experienced upper-level competitors and lower-level riders newer to the sport, return to each clinic having made significant progress since the last clinic. As a teacher, Nancy is a genius at ‘demystifying’ dressage. Riders and horses become happier in the work and more successful.” Olson said.

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