My Biostar Story: Carol Cohen and The Horses at Two Swans Farm

Carol Cohen and her Two Swans Farm in Wellington, Florida are well-known supporters and promoters of dressage. A rider herself who has competed at FEI, Carol is passionate about the sport and her horses. Carol’s daughter Rebecca is an avid Junior rider, and will be competing at this year’s NAYRC as a member of the Region 3 Junior team on her horse Optimus B.

How did you get started on whole food and Biostar? - Dr. Tim Ober brought me to Biostar, but I was afraid to change. I had already changed feeds several months earlier, and didn’t want to change again. But as fate would have it, my mare Sam’t Und Seide suddenly had a bad reaction from high sugar. Her blood work was way out of normal range. It was astronomically high which caused all her joints to swell. Within three days on the whole food diet, her blood work went down to high normal, and by the sixth day her blood work was low normal where the vets wanted it. I was so surprised because I didn’t think it would make a difference. But it was dramatic, colossal. Then I changed all the horses over to the diet and Biostar.

What have you noticed since you changed your feed program?
Their coats are shiny and not dry. One horse that didn’t love his food before, loves this food. One horse that never had good manure before has normal, healthy manure. Some of the horses had really stinky manure. Now that horrible smell is gone. Horses that used to have excessive hair growth, don’t now. I used to have to clip these horses every 60 days. I don’t have to do that since we went on this diet. The horses are back to their natural state.

The horses are happier. Less little issues. I have one horse that is highly allergic to no-see-ums. His face would always burn, he would burn through UV protective sheets. Now he’s not burning anymore. Every summer he would loose 50% of his mane, but this year he has kept his mane.

Older horses aren’t stocking up like they used to. Their skins are in better condition. This is the worst year we’ve ever had for flies, and my horses haven’t gotten skin infections. The performance horses used to sweat with water dripping off their bodies, and suds all over. Sweat used to drip off their bellies. Now the sweat is clean, and they don’t sweat excessively. No issues with thrush this summer, or dermatitis or fungus. I’ve always had to deal with fungus in Florida. The performance horses used to be lethargic in the summer, now they are bright, energetic.

This diet gets the horses back to the basics. They are off the Macdonald’s for horses and onto the food God wanted them to eat.

You are quite passionate about this!
I don’t look at other products anymore. I won’t go there. I can’t imagine putting something that isn’t real into their bodies. We could live on fast food but we are a country of obesity; we need to look at the reality of food. I want my daughter to eat wholesome food. It’s more expensive to eat real food but I see it as pay now or pay later.

I have an 18 year old German Shepherd dog and a 20 year old who have been on organic food for years.

So why was it difficult to make the switch to whole food and Biostar?
I thought other people knew better: the feed companies, the other supplement companies. They made me feel disempowered.
But Dr. Tim Ober is gospel for me. Still I was afraid to let go of the status quo, when in fact whole food should be the status quo, not the other way around. My gut wanted me to change, but I was afraid.

What are your favorite Biostar products?
Colostrum-38. It’s the give all, do all. This is the magic bullet. This is why we’ve been able to keep infections from erupting from simple scratches or rubs. And we love the hemp oil and electrolyte formula Star Lyte. I’ve given my horses every opportunity now with the food and the supplements and it shows in how healthy and happy they are.

And how is Sam’t Und Seide doing?
She is in California with Steffen and Shannon Peters. Steffen loves her and she is now schooling the Grand Prix. She is healthy, and happy!

The plain and simple truth is the whole food feed program and the whole food supplements are a God-send. It is not complicated. It is simple. And it feels good to know that I am not feeding my horses the equine equivalent of chicken fingers and fries.