Must Read - Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi

DressageDaily's Mary Phelps, an avid corgi owner was honored to be asked to write the foreward for Down the Aisle Promotions "Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi", a new book by Leslie McDonald. The book is an entertaining read for horse and dog lovers of all ages. Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi is an engaging, true life story as told from the unique perspective of Beamer the Corgi. It’s a big job to become the “Corgi in Charge” of a working horse farm; even more so when you have to overcome the “Curse of the Fluffy.” Branded in early puppyhood by a genetic hair flaw that sets him apart from other Corgis, Beamer’s undaunted spirit and perseverance bubble to the top in this delightful read that delivers a smile on every page. This is a must read and a great gift for all corgi lovers. And, for thise who purchase the book from the website, see what what special gift you will get.

Beamer’s special insights and opinions of the cast of characters who comprise his world are guaranteed to have readers checking out their own dogs in a whole new light.

Leslie McDonald is the author of three previously published books including Down the Aisle, Making Magic: Breeding and Birthing a Healthy Foal with Meredith Weller, and under her maiden name of Leslie Baird, Tic-Tac. Active professionally in the horse industry for over 40 years, McDonald grew up on Chicago, IL and attended DePauw University. A dressage trainer and popular author, she lives with her husband on a horse farm in southern Ohio with five Swedish Warmbloods, two Labrador Retrievers, a barn cat and, of course, Beamer the Corgi.

Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi is available at selected tack shops across the country as well at Order from the home website and get  an "Official Dog in Charge" certificate for your canine, and it does not even have to be a corgi!

Foreward By Mary Phelps

Mary Phelps with Buddy, Dusty and Tasha in her custom made corgi box for the marathon vehicle
Mary Phelps with Buddy, Dusty and Tasha in her custom made corgi box for the marathon vehicle

My corgis have always been a large part of the magic of my life. From their Welsh legends as the carriers of the wood fairies through the forest underbrush, to the Queen Mother’s obsession, I had wanted as long as I could remember to have corgis in my life. I am on the second generation now, Tasha (named by my mother after the famed illustrator and corgi lover Tasha Tudor) and Trooper, (named because he is my protector, and barks deeply when the word “patrol” is uttered) are almost always by my side, and when I have to travel without them, they are welcome guests in a friend’s home so they can get their “corgi fix”.

They were preceded by Winnie, my first love, and then Gizmo, who waited until I returned from The World Cup Final in the Netherlands to deliver her first litter; a girl and boy, named after the first and second placed winners that year, Anky (Van Grunsven) and Sven (Rothenberger). Gizmo’s second litter was distributed across the dressage world, all now romping beyond the Rainbow Bridge, and will no doubt greet me en-mass when it is my time to cross over to the universe.

We have conversations all the time. They make me smile in the morning, lick my tears when I am sad, and stay close by, letting me know I will always be loved and appreciated. Whenever I see another corgi at a show, I have to stop and touch, and share the same favors when my short-legged assistants accompany me in my travels.

When I was able to finally fulfill a lifelong dream of at last owning a pony, and to do combined driving, I had the carriage maker design a special box for my single seated marathon vehicle so Tasha could keep me company. She has come along through miles of woodland trails, been by my side training at a gallop through water obstacles, and sat vigilantly in my show carriage during my first pleasure show “Carriage Dog” class. We won it, and later that day the judge confessed, “there was no question in my mind which dog would get the blue ribbon.”