Mushroom Matrix Celebrates 1st Anniversary at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby

Mushroom Matrix Celebrates 1st Anniversary at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby
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Golden Gourmet Mushrooms Inc has sent a load of their finest gourmet mushrooms for the Palm Beach Dressage Derby "Inspection Reception" February 28, to be included in an Asian themed menu presented by Jim and Terry Toomey's Paradise Café. On hand throughout the weekend will be Vice president Keith Manfred available to explain the research and benefits if this product, not just for equines but humans too.
Photo: Keith Manfred, Mary Phelps-Hathaway, and Dr. Marvin Hausman at the AAEP 2007 Annual Convention

One year ago at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby and exciting innovative and effective all natural product was introduced to the Dressage world. The Mushroom Matrix Equine Health Essentials has now caught on with many top riders who from the very beginning continued to use the product which has been proven effective as natural support, restore, and build the strength and stamina required for peak performance and consistency. In one year, research, testing and development have continued to prove that the 100% organic product has proven effective in enhancing overall health, focus, increased immune defenses, and calmness.

Many competitors have feared such a product might not pass the strict standards of the drug testing procedures, but in the even stricter standards in the racing industry not only in the USA but in Hong Kong, the Mushroom Matrix product has continued to pass with flying colors. Several high performance riders have now been using the product for over a year, and have been tested on several occasions dispelling concerns among those in competition who have found the benefits of the product.

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