Multiple Pony Breeds Now Share Common Ground

American Dressage Ponies Showcased at the National Pony Cup

For many, this was their first recognized dressage show. Jen Sommer, who entered her stallion Gayfield's Silver Sprocket (*Sleight of Hand), and his five-year-old son, Sommertime Zoot Suit Riot, coming to the show was a first.

"Normally I go to Welsh shows to compete, and go to dressage schooling shows," she says. "You hear so much about these large dressage shows and they're intimidating to go to. You get lost in the crowd, and then there is the feeling like you're the odd one out. But this show was different, it was inviting and was the right venue to start. I wasn't disappointed and I had a great time."

FEI Rider and R judge, Sue Kolstad took Grand Champion honors at Training and First Level with Cedar Lane Farm's impressive Adrenaline Rush SBF (Artiest Van De Wortel).

"He's such a wonderful pony, when I sit on him he doesn't feel like a pony he feels like a horse," said Kolstad. "He showed so well that weekend, I couldn't have better rides."

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