Morocco and Lisa Goldman Conquer $15,000 High Junior/Amateur Finals

Wayne, IL - For the last two days at the Showplace Spring Spectacular III, jumper riders have competed in the unprecedented $100,000 Showplace Challenge Cup Series.  The Challenge Cup, taking place in the Grand Prix ring at the Lamplight Equestrian Center, featured a world cup format where jumper competitors entered three phases that were pinned independently. Faults incurred during only the first round of each of these classes counted towards rider standings, and carried forward to determine the order of go for the championships. Riders were able to post additional NAL, M &S, and WIHS points during the Showplace Spring Spectacular III.

Today's Challenge Cup Finals were the $15,000 High Junior/Amateur Jumper Finals where Lisa Goldman piloted Morocco to the win and the $4,000 Low Children/ Adult Finals Classic II where Lady Godiva and Samantha Holt took home the sash and rosette. The $15,000 High Junior/Amateur Jumper Finals were generously sponsored by Pony Lane Farm, and the $4,00 Low Children's/Adult Finals were presented thanks to Midwest Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists. Both finals had not only their final of three rounds today, but riders competed in the second round today and their first round on Monday.  Prior to these big events, the Marshall & Sterling Child/ Adult Classic had their second round of Challenge Cup competition where Alissa Kinsey and Grisset rode to the blue.  The $10,000 NAL Child/Adult Finals II will be the last round of the Child/Adult division, and winners will be announced on Wednesday.

Renowned course designer Conrad Homfeld designed today's courses in the Grand Prix ring. The 12 numbered obstacles included fast lines, quick turns, a triple combination that was an oxer, vertical, vertical combination, a plank fence, and a double combination to a four stride to vertical to finish the course. Both courses today tested the horse's adjustability, especially the short course.  The jump-off featured seven numbered obstacles with the inclusion of the double combination to the four-stride.  The jump-off began on an oxer going toward the in-gate, riders continued on a sprint to a vertical, made a right hand bending line to an oxer, made a rollback turn to another oxer, and then riders had to adjust their mounts for a very tight left-hand turn to a vertical, followed by a run to an oxer, and finishing on the double combination to the four-stride. The most challenging fence during today's competition was number 7a, an oxer, which was the first fence of the triple combination.

Thirteen riders entered the $15,000 High Junior/Amateur Finals judged on a Table 2(A) format. Four riders went clear in the first round to move forward to the jump-off.   Out of the four riders in the jump-off three went double clear.

First to attempt the short-course was Lisa Goldman and her top jumper, Morocco.  The pair landed off the first oxer and picked up the pace, rushing to the single vertical. Morocco leaped over the obstacles, made a slippery left hand turn, and galloped through the double combination to the four-stride with no problems.  The pair stopped the clock at 38.836 seconds to be challenged by two other competitors and Goldman on her other mount Centurion B.

Young Hunter Holloway and Argentina were next to enter the Grand Prix Arena.  The large-strided Argentinean Warmblood Stallion would gallop through the course tripping the timers at 42.590 seconds and earning the pair third place honors.

Gabriella Z and Erin Nelson galloped into the ring cheered on my onlookers.  The duo tried their best, but even with tight turns and a fast gallop Nelson and Gabriella Z would come in at 40.578 seconds, placing them in second place.

Last to challenge her own time was Lisa Goldman aboard Centurion B. The Belgian Warmblood would come in strong but would knock a rail at the beginning of the short-course adding four faults to their score.  Goldman would earn fourth place stopping the timers at 40.179 seconds.

Goldman commented, "I loved the courses today, especially the jump-off.  The short course tested your turning ability and your running ability, which I really liked.  The last line on the end was an easy line for me because you did not have to run to the jump.  My horse Centurion has a huge stride and Morocco loves to move forward, so these courses benefited them.  In the jump off I liked that Conrad left some space so you had time to think and regroup."

She continued, "My horses were wonderful today and Morocco is a saint; he has all of the heart in the world.  I just love Roc babies.  Roc U.S.A. is a spectacular stallion and produces wonderful babies.  Thank you Nancy Whitehead."

Goldman has been winning multiple classes during the Showplace Spectacular Series and enjoyed this week's world cup format and especially enjoyed that this is her first big $15,000 class win.  She noted, "I liked the world cup format.  It would have been nice to spread the classes out a little more so we could have a little break, but after today my horses will have time to be ponies, graze and get fat."

Goldman could not have said enough about how much she enjoys Pat Boyle's horse shows and is looking forward to participating at Ledges in the coming weeks.  After Ledges, Goldman will head to Circle City, the third week of Traverse City, Trader's Point, and then back to school in Texas.

Prior to Goldman's big win, the final round of the Low Child/ Adult Challenge Cup occurred with seventeen horse and rider combinations.  Winning the $4,000 Low Children/ Adult Finals Classic was Samantha Holt aboard Lady Godiva.  Holt rode Kimberly Angerman's mare to the blue over eight riders that attempted the jump-off course.

Holt was first to go, not only in the first round, but in the short-course.  Her plan was to move up Lady Godiva after a comfortable first-round, to a fast paced jump-off pace.  The pair would trip the timers at 36.491 seconds, which would be challenged by the next seven riders.

The next pair to attempt the short-course was Bluebird with Ellie Foelker in the irons.  The pair would slice the first fence, race to the second obstacle, and would make their way back to the oxer where Bluebird would knock a rail. Foelker and Bluebird would whip across the course crossing the finish line in 34.266 seconds being the fastest four-fault time.  The pair's time would earn them the fourth place ribbon.

River and Chloe Cummings entered the ring at an easy pace.  Cummings would take River over the first jump in quiet fashion. Cummings picked up the pace and raced through the finish line in 44.416 seconds earning the pair the third place honors.

Phoebe Murray and Riscada would challenge Holt's time, completing the short-course in 38.245 seconds landing them the second place ribbon. Not one duo would break Holt's time, landing her the large share of the prize money, a cooler, and a rosette sash.

Holt noted, "During the first course I took advantage of the fact that my horse was really tired today.  I wanted to make sure she got over every jump and with her being nice and tired I was able to save the poles and still get around in the time allotted.  Then, as I do each time I enter the ring, I gave her a little pep talk and thought, 'Ok we got this'.  My plan was to gallop through every space we could and utilize my turns.  I am so proud of my horse.  I galloped every space we could, hugged every rail I could and at one point even jumped from a standstill. My horse used to be more difficult at turning but she has improved immensely.  Today she was absolutely phenomenal.  She is quite a horse and I love her so much."

During the courses Holt found two obstacles to be a little bit of a challenge. She explained, "One of the challenges was the yellow line from the two-stride to a four stride. The other obstacle was the wooden sailboats with the flat cups. I just wanted to make sure I got over those clear. Other than that everything else was just easy.  I have been clear during every round of the Challenge Cup, but today was a big deal for me.  I am surprised I am not crying right now! I am very excited; I have never won such a huge deal before."

Lady Godiva is a nine-year-old green horse that was a rescue.  It was a great accomplishment for Holt to have taken this mare in three years to the top of the ranks.  Holt smiled, "She is pretty amazing for me and it feels absolutely wonderful and I am so excited. I cannot wait to tell my mom about it!"

Holt has been showing at the Showplace Horse Shows for many reasons. "I come here to Showplace because it is a great venue, the rings are gorgeous, I love the food, and this is a close horse show to my home," noted Holt.  "I have always had a wonderful time here and I am completely ecstatic and could not be any happier than I am now to have won such an exciting class at this horse show."

Prior to the final rounds of the High Junior/Amateur Jumpers and the Low Child/Adult Finals, the second round of the Child/Adult Challenge Cup, the M & S Child/Adult Classic, occurred.  Yesterday's first round was the WIHS Child/Adult classic, today's second round was the M & S Child/Adult Classic, and Wednesday's final round will be the $10,000 NAL Child/Adult Finals II.  Winning the M/S Child/Adult Classic was Alissa Kinsey and Grisset.  The pair tripped the timers at 31.721 seconds to win the blue.

The Showplace Spring Spectacular III and $100,000 Showplace Challenge Cup competition will continue tomorrow at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL. The Showplace Challenge Cup will run through Wednesday, June 23.  Wednesday's competition begins at 8:00 a.m. and will feature presentations for the winners of the $4,000 Modified Child/Adult Finals.  At 10:00 a.m. the $10,000 NAL Child/Adult Finals winners will be announced, at 12:30 p.m. the $10,000 Low Junior/Amateur Finals will occur, and at 2:30 p.m. the exciting $30,000 Showplace Productions Grand Prix will commence.  For more information on Showplace Productions and the 2010 Showplace Spring Spectacular Horse Show, please visit

High Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Final Overall Scores
1.  341 MOROCCO LISA GOLDMAN 0 0 0 0 71.649 0 0 38.836
2.  340 CENTURION B LISA GOLDMAN 0 0 0 0 76.216 0 EL
3.  123 GABRIELLA Z ERIN NELSON 0 0 0 0 76.868 0 0 40.578
4.  331 ARGENTINA HUNTER HOLLOWAY 0 0 0 0 78.782 0 0 42.59
5.  168 RONOLDO SAMANTHA WAGNER 0 0 0 8 77.768 8
6.  145 HANDS DOWN JONATHAN COHEN 0 0 0 8 77.867 8
7.  199 BORITAS CHENOA MCELVAIN 0 0 0 8 78.169 8
8.  333 ARMSTRONG LILLIE ROSS 0 5 5 4 76.092 9
9.  106 PASCAL NATALIE HORWEEN 4 4 8 5 81.562 13
10. 154 KLOTAIRE DU MOULIN KELSEY THATCHER 0 0 0 16 92.04 16
11. 297 SENTURO NICOLE WAGNER 8 30 38 16 78.678 54

Low Children's/Adult Jumper Final Overall Scores
1. 246 LADY GODIVA SAMANTHA HOLT 0 0 0 0 73.532 0 0 36.491
2. 227 RISCADA PHOEBE MURRAY 0 0 0 0 74.983 0 0 38.245
3. 177 RIVER CHLOE CUMMINGS 0 0 0 0 69.95 0 0 44.416
4. 360 BLUEBIRD ELLIE FOELKER 0 0 0 0 72.987 0 4 34.266
5. 105 SHENANIGANS STACY RYBACK 0 0 0 0 74.354 0 4 37.936
6. 114 ALL FROSTY KIRSTEN CRAWFORD 0 0 0 0 78.466 0 4 39.117
7. 166 RUE MADISON CLARK 0 0 0 0 70.6 0 4 39.351
8. 209 PERFECT ALIBI LISA PASSARELLO 0 0 0 0 75.99 0 4 42.815
9. 102 HOFFELLIA DES FORETO CARINA SOLA 0 4 4 0 66.284 4
10. 777 FAITHFULLY REBECCA WILLIAMS 0 0 0 4 64.133 4
11. 248 NINA BONITA VANESSA CORTINO 0 0 0 4 73.581 4
12. 134 JHS BULLET SUSAN HARRELL 0 0 0 4 74.292 4

555. $15,000 High Jr/AO Jmpr Challenge Cup Finals - Total # competed 13
Split Place Entry # Horse / Recording Number Owner -USEF / City Rider - USEF / City Prize
1  341 MOROCCO Lisa Goldman 273860 Lisa Goldman - 273860 4500.00 4930684 Hawthorn Woods, IL Hawthorn Woods, IL  
2  123 Gabriella Z Lazy Creek Ranch Holdings LLCErin Nelson -4579600 3300.00 4898324 4748697 Flower Mound, TX
3  331 ArgentinaHays Investment Corp. 4794408Hunter Holloway -46725841950.00 4798387 Topeka, KS Topeka, KS  
4  340 CENTURION B Mary Goldman 4019418Lisa Goldman - 273860 1200.00 4907541 Hawthorn Woods, IL Hawthorn Woods, IL
6  145 HANDS DOWN JONATHAN COHEN 4102313 JONATHAN COHEN -750.00 4898361 CHICAGO, IL 4102313  
7  199 Boritas Rancho Corazon LLC 4075860 Chenoa McElvain -4129504 600.00 5115007 Lemitar, NM Lemitar, NM  
8  333 ArmstrongAllison Ross 4120307 Lillie Ross - 4120308 450.00 4666349 Wheaton, IL Wheaton, IL  
9  106 Pascal Natalie Horween 4052800 Natalie Horween -4052800 450.00 4572793 Barrington, IL Barrington, IL  
10 154 Klotaire Du Moulin Pony Lane Farm 4853239Kelsey Thatcher -4105144300.00 5101499 Bluffdale, UT South Jordan, UT  
11 297 Senturo NICOLE WAGNER 4531776 NICOLE WAGNER -4531776 300.00 4775890 SOUTH BARRINGTON, IL SOUTH BARRINGTON, IL  
12 330 Charly BrownATJ Farms LLC 4870222 Taylor Werthen -4796596300.00 4976728 Tulsa, OK Tulsa, OK  
13 269 RupertSKYE MACLEAN 4529174 SKYE MACLEAN -4529174 0.00 4948205 WAYNE, IL WAYNE, IL  

595. $4,000 Low Child/Adult Jmpr Rider Challenge Finals - Total # competed 17  
Split Place Entry # Horse / Recording Number Owner -USEF / City Rider - USEF / City Prize
1 246 Lady GodivaKimberly Angerman 234798Samantha Holt -4788744 1200.00 5116235 Plano, IL Naperville, IL
2 227 Riscada Kimberden Inc 283369 Phoebe Murray - 5017472800.00 4598539 Ocala, FL lagrange, IL  
3 177 River Tina Judge 252667Chloe Cummings - 4921584600.00 4948910 Oswego, IL Plainfield, IL  
4 360 Bluebird Emily Elek-Burtard 180237Ellie Foelker -4870354 400.00 5118745 Ixonia, WI Jefferson, WI  
5 105 ShenanigansStacy Ryback 144861Stacy Ryback -144861280.00 4630664 Caperntersville, IL Caperntersville, IL  
6 114 All Frosty Promise Hill Farm LLC 4058551 Kirsten Crawford -282939 260.00 4913109 Elgin, IL Elgin, IL  
7 166 Rue ALEX JAYNE 14029 Madison Clark - 5072432 240.00 app 6/10 ELGIN, IL  
8 209 Perfect Alibi Lisa Passarello 4572449 Lisa Passarello - 4572449 220.00 4682924 PittsBURG, PA PittsBURG, PA  
9 777 FaithfullyPatricia Williams 4036260 Rebecca Williams - 4669277 0.00 4741603 Hillsboro, WI Hillsboro, WI  
10 102 Hoffelia des Foreto Nadine Beck 4982896 Nadine Beck - 4982896 0.00 4985753 Chanhaven, MN Chanhaven, MN  
11 248 Nina Bonita Kelsey Cerkleski 4971417Vanessa Cortino -5043950 0.00 5062970 South Barrington, IL Aurora, IL  
12 134 JHS Bullet Susan Harrell 4577870 Susan Harrell - 4577870 0.00 4518078 Rush Springs, OK Rush Springs

Photo Credit: Lisa Goldman and Morocco win $15,000 High Junior/Amateur Jumper Finals and 1st Overall in High Junior/Amateur Owner Challenge Cup at the Showplace Spring Spectacular III Presentation. Photos © 2010 Lindsay McCall/PMG.
Photo Credit: Lisa Goldman and Morocco win $15,000 High Junior/Amateur Jumper Finals and 1st Overall in High Junior/Amateur Owner Challenge Cup at the Showplace Spring Spectacular III . Photos © 2010 Lauren Fisher/PMG.  
Photo Credit: Samantha Holt and Lady Godiva won $4,000 Low Child/Adult Finals Classic in the Showplace Challenge Cup final round at the Showplace Spring Spectacular III. Photos © 2010 Lauren Fisher/PMG.  
Photo Credit: Alissa Kinsey and Grisset won round two of the Showplace Challenge Cup for the Child/ Adult Classic in the Marshall and Sterling Child/ Adult Classic at Showplace Spring Spectacular III. Photos © 2010 Lauren Fihser/PMG.