More Photos Uploaded in Free Search

So many horse shows, so many parties, so many photos, such little time! Thanks to a rainy day, we took a break from the Zada Enterprises WEF Dressage Classic CDI 3*/Y today to catch up on databasing photos for the free search. Our apprectice Margaret Heroy working around her riding schedule was on the job, helping us get some of the top winners from the Derby into the database. The database helps to teach users all important breed info, so important to know, and an area where Americans are weak in their equine knowledge.

Phelpsphoto: Tom Reid of Midieval Times performs at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby

Visit and search by show/event for the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, 2005, and the Junior Young Rider Florida Clinic 2005 for highlights, winners and party people. We still need help identifying some of the young riders in the photos, so feel free to send us an e-mail (refer to the photo number) and tell us who you are!

If you compteted in Dressage in Florida chance are we have photos. For a nominal access/shooting fee of $25 per show/horse, we can upload a quality section of your images for you to view, order enlargments, and share by inviting guests.