Monty Roberts and ACTHA: Joining Forces to Help Horses

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) host competitive trail rides nationwide, and they are doing wonderful things. Please take advantage of what they have to offer and consider supporting their efforts to create and enable humane treatment options for horses in need.
FREE 'Trail Tips' DVD from ACTHA

Just in time for Christmas, a FREE 'Trail Tips' DVD's..From ACTHA! Purchase an ACTHA Gift Certificate or an ACTHA Membership in time for Christmas & receive a FREE 'Trail Tips' DVD, as long as our supplies hold out.

ACTHA's casual one day rides are a favorite way for thousands to spend quality time with their horse and enjoy friendships and family on the trail. ACTHA's beautiful rides are nationwide with over 1,000 planned for 2011. While on the trail you have the opportunity to complete 6 natural trail obstacles. This DVD shows you how, and it makes the perfect Christmas gift.

If you are not a member consider joining ACTHA now. A $35 Membership gives you the choice of $50 worth of FREE merchandise from ACTHA's wonderful sponsors (Monty is one of them!) plus you will also receive a complimentary one year subscription to The Trail Rider Magazine. Kinda a no brainer and you get to help so many horses in dire need by joining.

Thus far over $300,000 has been raised for horse rescues & charities...ACTHA--Be a part of it, Join ACTHA!

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American Competitive Trail Horse Association
P.O. Box 341047, Austin, TX, 78734
(877) 992-2842

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