Michelle Gibson Presents World of Dreams

America's "Secret Weapon" lay undercover at the Thatcher's Applewood Farm in Alpharetta, Georgia, but has been revealed last Saturday, September 22, 2001. Applewood Farm, home to former Olympian Michelle Gibson, organised the debut presentation of Gibson's 2004 Olympic hopeful World of Dreams.

Intensely chestnut of color, perfect in conformation, stupifying in his movements and gifted with an excellent temperament, World of Dreams has it all to rise to stardom as a representative for the American Dressage Team

Purchased in Germany only two months ago, World of Dreams is a licensed Hanoverian stallion by World Cup I out of a Cardinal xx dam, owned by Michelle herself. Michelle describes him as "extremely sweet" despite the fact that he is a breeding stallion. "The Gibsons have searched so long for a horse with the talent to get to the Olympic Games. Michelle dragged her father through dozens of airports in Germany and sat on hundreds of horses before discovering this ruby pearl," Mrs Thatcher said in her speech during the presentation.

World of Dreams is 8 years old and trained at Prix St Georges level but he already masters a superb piaffe and passage. "The progress he made in two months is so impressive," Brad Thatcher said. "He didn't know the tempi's when he got here, but is now doing a flawless series every three strides. And I haven't seen him passage like that before."

"It takes more than one million dollar to get to the Olympics. Horse insurance, show entry fees and a quartet of horse shoes every six weeks, are only a few items which add up to the cost," Mrs Thatcher explained. For that reason, Applewood Farm has founded Applewood Foundation to support Michelle on her way to the Olympics.

Applewood Foundation gladly accepts donations for their cause. Learn more about Michelle, the farm and the foundation by visiting their two websites:

Text by Astrid Appels of eurodressage.com