Michael Voudouris Competes In Winter Olympics

Imagine my surprise while watching the 2002 Winter Olympic opening ceremonies Friday, February 8, when the first athlete shown entering the stadium for the 2004 Summer Games host country, Greece, was none other than fellow equestrian and press photographer Michael Voudouris, who will be competing in the sport of Skeleton, which shares the same category and venue as bobsled racing. Being held for the first time since 1948, in the sport of Skeleton, there is only one way to go, belly down and head first.

As an EMT who resides in New York City, he holds a dual citizenship for the USA and Greece. Voudouris worked in rescue recovery efforts at "Ground Zero" in New York City following 11 September (2001) tragedies, and is using his sled to memorialize the medical personnel who lost their lives there while performing recovery duties. His sled has graphics with slightly cubic design of the now collapsed World Trade towers, and the number 30, to represent the number of his colleagues who lost their lives in recovery efforts. The first Skeleton event will be held February 20.

Hey Mike, go for it, and if you're reading this, get a shot of the Dressage Pas-de-Deaux for us, February 9 and 10!

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