Michael Barisone and Neruda Win Grand Prix Special at the 2007 Palm Beach Dressage Derby

Michael Barisone and Neruda were the Grand Prix Special winners on the final day of The Palm Beach Dressage Derby, finishing with a score of 69.64 percent. Barisone was pleased considering that he admitted making a few mistakes. “The first two-thirds of the ride was outstanding, the piaffe-passage tours, the trot tours. That horse’s gift is piaffe-passage,” Barisone said. “Then he got away from me a bit in his passage-canter transitions and missed some twos and a couple things like that.”


Neruda, a Dutch warmblood gelding by Haarlem x Ladalco, has never been an easy ride, but Barisone said he’s getting better with age. “He’s a great guy, he’s a wonderful horse. He just has to settle. To do things and do the Grand Prix is easy for him, but to deal with life is not easy. Not because he’s a jerk it’s just that everything scares him,” Barisone said. “The good thing is that he’s growing up a bit. He’s only 11 this year and this horse never had a career other than Grand Prix because I’ve only shown him Grand Prix. I kept him home. He’s an emotional horse and he’s a hot horse. I had to learn a new way to go about doing things with him.”

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