On the Mend - Tracey Winter, Tranqulity Farm, Florida

It has been quite a summer for several notable members of our dressage community as they face various stages in recovery for illness and accidents. One thing they all have in common is a grateful feeling for family and friends, and a new outlook on life, as they have been forced in one way or another to slow down, take a look around, and appreciate life and health which often can be precarious. With their permission we are giving you their e-mail address, so send them a note, let them know you care, you never know, someday it could be one of us!

Tracey Winter, Tranqulity Farm, Florida

Tracey was seriously injured in a freak accident in July. While standing still, the horse flipped over backwards on Tracey and had great difficulty getting off of her. Tracey's pelvis was fractured in five places and her elbow was shattered so badly that it could not be repaired and had to be replaced with a titanium "elbow". Other areas in her arm were able to be repaired with pins and screws. After a week in Critical Care in the hospital, she was transported to Heartland of Boca (an in-house rehabilitation and 24-hour nursing facility) where she stayed for three weeks, and then after another month of painful outpatient physical and occupational therapy, Tracey returned home and up and about again. While still living with constant pain, Tracey is just now starting to ride again, building up her riding muscles so that she can be fully back to her training business as soon as possible.

She is currently teaching all clients and riding a select group of horses. She thanks everyone for their continued support during this difficult time. She welcomes new clients and horses, as she is optimistic about continuing her training program as usual.

"I had started teaching as soon as I was discharged from the rehab center, and started riding (my own horses) after about two weeks, much to the doctor's chagrin. As I felt I could, I added more horses to my schedule. I have been riding a full schedule again for a few weeks now... still somewhat sore, but getting better every day. I'll be taking my young horse to a show in a couple of weeks, and that will be my first show since the accident, so that will be a milestone for me.

Long term pelvis issues aside, I'm learning to deal with the effects of my left elbow replacement, as I'll never have full mobility of the elbow again, but fortunately, there is no issue with my arm being in a riding position, and for me, that's all that matters!

Tracey Winter
Tracey Winter
Tranquillity Dressage, LLC