On the Mend - Cesar Parra

It has been quite a summer for several notable members of our dressage community as they face various stages in recovery for illness and accidents. One thing they all have in common is a grateful feeling for family and friends, and a new outlook on life, as they have been forced in one way or another to slow down, take a look around, and appreciate life and health which often can be precarious. With their permission we are giving you their e-mail address, so send them a note, let them know you care, you never know, someday it could be one of us!

Cesar Parra "God Willing" Will Ride at Dressage at Devon
Update: September 25, 2007

“I started to ride this past weekend and it feels good. I have to be careful because I am on blood thinners, but I am so happy to be back on my horses.” Dr. Parra told DressageDaily. “I am preparing so that if I feel good I will show at Devon. What a real blessing - God is truly great! I will have surgery in November to correct the problem in my heart that caused the strokes.

God has given me many gifts, and one of his greatest gifts is the wonderful people that have surrounded me this year, stood by me, fought for me and prayed for me. I am so very grateful.

I am so happy to be home and I am feeling much better. My hope is to be riding again soon, but I am going to listen to what God tells me and not push it if I am not 100% fit, but I feel better everyday.”

While on a business trip to Germany, on Wednesday September 5, 2007 Cesar suffered a physical ailment and was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having suffered several small strokes in the cerebellum. His wife Marcela flew immediately to be with him.

By Saturday September 8, Cesar showed marked improvement, was feeding himself, and showed none of the signs typically associated with a stroke. On Monday, the tenth of September, a scan of Cesar’s brain showed no adverse signs of a stroke having occurred and he was released from the hospital. He will be returning to his home in NJ this weekend.

Before leaving Germany to fly home with Marcela, Cesar gave us these words to share with his family, friends, and fans, “I thank God, my loving wife and family, my friends and my coworkers for seeing me through the past week. I have every confidence that no permanent harm was done and that God has given me a second chance at life, which I aim to make good use of by being even kinder to the people and horses that bless my life. I am grateful and I thank God for all of the wonderful people who came to my aid in this time of need, especially Sharon Myers and Silve Dietrich and of course all of the doctors and nurses of Clinic Osnabrueck who took such good care of me.”