In Memoriam - Renate Lansburgh

Renate Lansburgh, NEDA member for 42 years, passed away the morning of 11/30/2013.  Renate was one of the founding members of NEDA, a long time Board member, USEF R Judge, instructor and trainer - Thoughts of Renate over the years: Renate and I were part of the very first NEDA sponsored program training USEF Licensed dressage judges, in the early 70's. There were 42 of us in the program, which was not nearly as extensive as the present judge training. Six of us passed and went on judging for many years. I think that the six of us have hung up our judging shingles now, however. Renate was a goldsmith in her "other life". When it came time for NEDA to fashion special things, Renate was called upon. Early on in NEDA's life she designed the NEDA medal, which is now the very familiar NEDA logo. She always said it was based upon a drawing of St George and the dragon, and other times it is said the logo is designed after the Austrian shilling.

Renate might have been thought austere, on first meeting her. But there sure was a fun loving person in there too. I remember being at a Judge Forum in Warrenton, VA and it happened to be her birthday. We had a party in our motel room, squeezing a flock of us in there, plus about 50 helium filled balloons. I can still see Renate hopping around that room trying to stomp on those balloons and pop them.

As for dressage training, Renate was born in Germany (has a twin sister still there) and came to the US as a young woman, living in California. I am not sure how she got to Boston, but she was one of our very fine NEDA trainers, well versed in classical dressage that she learned in her home country. The photo below was taken by my cousin Susan Sexton in the mid 1980's, at the NEDA Summer Show in Medfield MA.  Renate is riding an American TB off the track that she trained herself, and competed at the FEI levels.
She will be missed!