In Memoriam Meri Straz

We are saddened to report that the dressage community has lost an exceptional member. Meri Straz passed away on Friday August 5, 2005, in a riding accident. Meri was well known and loved in dressage circles. She was an inspiring teacher, an exceptional rider, and a wonderful and kind person.

In 2000, Meri Straz, Jill Parsons and Tony Hitchcock established HEART Equine Ambulance. Through their efforts and the contributions of other caring horse people, HEART Equine Ambulance continually upgraded its equipment to maintain state-of-the-art service.

It was always a treat whenever wherever you would run into Meri Straz. Always sweet and kind, Meri had a gentle wit that reflected her outlook on life, its challenges and events.

We will never forget the time we "bonded" at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, where Meri provided the Ambulance services for the Equestrian Olympic Games. She has smuggled her old trembley Jack Russell Terrier, Emma into the on site accommodations, a big no no with the quarantine rules.

JJ and I were camped in parking lot #3, in our RV, closest to the facilities, and took Emma into our 'home' where she co-existed unhappily with our 2 corgis. She chewed through one of our cabinets, but somehow we didn't mind too much, because it was for Meri, who in exchange gave us coveted parking passes closest to the venue.

Our community has suffered a great loss with her passing, the horses and friends who have been a part of her life will forever be influenced by knowing her.

Donations can be made to the HEART Equine Ambulance:

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