In Memoriam - Gino

Gino, one of America's most beloved dressage horses, was humanely put down on December 28, 2001. He was sixteen years old and suffering from complications of Cushings Syndrome.

Lynda Alicki imported Gino from Germany as a youngster and trained him up through the levels to Grand Prix. The pair enjoyed tremendous success in the show ring and Gino maintained top standings nationally at Grand Prix for several consecutive years. The pair were USET representatives here at home and in European competition.

In 2000, Lynda turned the ride over to Elizabeth Kane. Although their time together was brief, the two brought home many blue ribbons and several USDF year end awards. "Gino was beautifully trained. I will cherish every moment I had with him" says Elizabeth.

Gino had a friendly and engaging personality. He will be remembered for his extravagant extended trot and classical piaffe. He was laid to rest at the former J.S. Aerie Farm in Monroe, Georgia close in spirit toSharyn Shover, Lynda's mother, who loved him dearly."